Nov 6, 2014

A Halloween Carnival

I know it's November, but October was eventful. The Friday after we got back from Disneyland was the girls' annual school carnival. The school hosts the carnival one Friday evening in the month and then asks that kids don't wear costumes on Halloween. It works out great being on a Friday evening so that the whole family can take part. Most every other activity/event is during the day and we can't always take off work to make it. The last event we made it to during the day was the 4th of July parade! And likely I won't be able to make the Thanksgivings Feasts. 

Cameron, unfortunately, missed the carnival, so he asked me to take lots of photos. He was up in Canada helping to reduce the bird population up there. He'd actually left us in Disneyland to head up there for this hunt. My mom was wonderful and agreed to drive home with the girls and I and then stayed for the week to help me out while Cameron was gone. Which meant she got to go to the Carnival. 

It's hard to believe Sydney is smiling so much in this picture. Whiel London loved every moment she was allowed to wear her Queen Elsa dress, Sydney wasn't the biggest fan of her Tinkerbell dress. At Disneyland, the night she wore it, Cameron had had to wake her up from a nap that she really didn't want to end. We also didn't put a shirt on under it and I think it itched her a bit. I had to pretend that we were going to leave her at home if she didn't put the dress on. (We'd discovered the way to get her to do anything while we were in Disneyland was to tell her bye bye. We're still using this trick when push comes to shove, but we definitely don't want to over use it and have her realize we are bluffing every time!). Once the dress was on this time, she seemed fine with it, given the t-shirt underneath.

Looks at that form!

The girls had a blast at the carnival, playing games and trick-or-treating. We made it to every room except one - that one had the cake walk and the line was out the door. The girls had gotten enough sugary treats between Disneyland and the other rooms, that I thought it best to avoid the cakes. Besides, I'd be making one the next week for Sydney's birthday.

Then she decided this was easier!

I think London's favorite room was Sydney's class where cookie decorating took place. She couldn't wait to eat her creation and it was gone within 10 minutes of being home!

Sydney didn't quite grasp the decorating concept nor did she really eat the cookie back at home. London ended up finishing it up for her. Sydney did enjoy the Red Vines that could be used in the decorating.

The last room we went into allowed the kids to walk the plank and jump into a kiddie pool full of Styrofoam packing popcorn. You can see this was a huge hit with both girls!

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