Oct 18, 2014

Hello There!

Sorry for the long silence. At first it was because I felt I didn't have much worth sharing. Then it was because we were on vacation - to Disneyland! We're back and I have plenty to share - more photos than you probably want. So stay tuned for DisneyMania. But before we get to that, I'll get you caught up on what we did just before we went to Disneyland. 

We planned to drive down on a Tuesday evening, and I decided to take the whoel Tuesday off, just to get everything ready and not feel rushed after working. Well, I ended up getting my work projects done the Friday before we left, so I took Monday off to. I haven't took a full week off work for vacation since London was 8 months old and Cameron and I went to Cancun! I have to admit there is something really nice about not working a full 9 days (I'm counting weekend days here). I came back replenished even as tiring as Disneyland, and driving can be. 

That Monday I spent packing for myself, the girls and the dogs (who would spend the time at a PetsMart hotel - they absolutely love it there), cleaning the house and sneaking in a quick mani and pedi. Hey, I was on vacation right, I needed to indulge myself just slightly on a day completely to myself. 

And because I had anticipated taking Tuesday off and spending it at home, I scheduled a tour of the school we are looking at transferring the girls into from our current district. Hard to believe kindergarten registration for London comes this February! The school is exactly what we are wanting for the girls. The Kindergarten class is a full day, not half. This will be good, not only for our work schedules but also for London as she is used to this currently with day care. The school is small, one class for each class, K through 8th. It also offers after school care until 6 PM. And after school activities like 4H. 

And since the school is so small, the kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten class are combined into one. This is good for Sydney as she will get the benefit of a true kindergarten class while she spends a year in transitional kindergarten since she's one of those Fall babies that won't technically qualify for kindergarten the year she turns 5. What's even better is they recognize kids learn at different paces, so if Sydney is ready for a ready level of 1st grade when she finally is in kindergarten, she's get to go to reading group with that class and not be bored stuff with the kindergartners.

The school has been around since the late 1890s yet is progressive in many ways. Plus, the facilities were quiet nice and new, as compared to where the girls would go if we don't request an interdistrict transfer. That tells me the money is being put to good use there. And the school has a very involved and affective Parent Council. Before we know it London will be going there. Best part is, the nearest bus stop for the school is a mile from our house on my way to work at the time I need to be headed to work. 

So there's an update for you. Stay tuned for DisneyMania!

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