Oct 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Sydney!

I'd like to interrupt our DisneyMania series, to wish our sweet Sydney Lee a Happy 2nd Birthday. DisneyMania will conclude next week.

Dear Sydney,

Our family would not be complete without you. Your smile and laugh is contagious. Without fail, you make me smile every morning when I wake you up. Most days you are more than happy for a big hug before laying down with a cup of milk while we get you ready for the day. You're getting more and more affectionate these days. While you give hugs often, the big bear hugs are extra special when you put your hands behind my head and land a big wet kiss on me at the same time - you're not quick to dole out kisses at all.

Over the last month or so, you have worked on declaring your independence, wanting to do more and more on your own. Only when you get frustrated will you ask for help, and even then you will ask for it begrudgingly. Case in point, you always want to put your own pants on, but more often than not, you end up putting both legs through one leg hole. You've also taken to grabbing the pink stool from your bathroom to carry around the house so you can turn lights on and off on your own. 

This year you have been blessed with good health, rarely getting sick. Next week we visit the cardiologist to ensure you are still in good health after the Kawasaki Disease scare last year. Plus, you are finally getting caught up on your immunizations, which brings a sense of relief and closure to the whole episode.

You have such a happy, easy going personality, yet you aren't a pushover. You let your voice and opinions be heard. Your teachers say you sing "let it go" when another child tries to take a toy you are playing with. You do the same with your sister.

And you are one tough cookie. Shots don't phase you at all. And your teachers haven't always caught when another child has, on the few occasions, bitten you over a dispute until the teeth marks show up later.

The love you have for your sister London is clear. You love to play with her, and it's the cutest thing when you give her a hug and kiss goodnight before bedtime. While you were slower to walk, as soon as you could, you started running after London. One of your favorite things to do with her is kick the soccer ball back and forth. 

You two have entered a squabbling phase, fighting over toys, attention from mom or dad, even seats at the table. But you both good about saying sorry and giving hugs afterward. 

Your vocabulary expands in leaps and bounds almost daily it seems. "Let it go" was likely the first major stringing of words you did, when London received a singing "Elsa" doll for her birthday. Now you ask "What song" just like London in the car when we listen to the Disney music, and "yellow bus" when you see them while we are driving. Your favorite is "Mommy I see you." And like your sister, you are good in asking please and saying thank you when you have requests. You ask for movies on the weekends just like London but you have yet to even sit through a full episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm sure this will change soon.

You're very good at entertaining yourself. I'll be doing something around the house, like dishes and you may pester me at first, but before I know it I will look around and find you knee deep in toys, playing happily on your own or flipping through a book. 

You love having daddy or I read to you before bed. 2 or 3 books at a time. Some of your favorites are "Goodnight Moon" and "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way", not to mention your puppy book. 

You are also my little eater. You don't have much of a sweet tooth, eat pretty much any veggies placed in front of you and most fruit. Apparently, cantaloupe is the exception. And you're not that fond of meat, at least not yet. You also love to dip a finger in my wine and then suck on your fingers whenever you get the opportunity. We learned in Disneyland you need to be watched. We were sitting around the Tiki Bar fire chatting with friends. Next thing we all knew you were sneaking in a taste of my Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki rum! We had a good laugh and we all kept a closer eye on you and our drinks the rest of the night.

Technically, our recent trip to Disneyland was to celebrate your birthday, but we're also having a party at our house tomorrow. The cake will be decorated with a train, as you are obsessed with them. The second you can hear a train whistle blow at home, you run to me and say "Mommy see, mommy see" telling me you want me to pick you up to look out the kitchen window, although very recently you've learned to run to the back door or the slider in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom to see it for yourself without my help. 

You had a blast in Disneyland, particularly liking The Disneyland Railroad and Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters. We were actually walking past Astroblasters on our way to Pirates of the Caribbean but had to stop and ride Astroblasters again at your insistence as you became hysterical the second you saw it. You did a fantastic job during the Fireworks show we watched - you clung to me a little more than usual, but you never screamed or cried and by the end you were smiling and giggling.

You love to sing and dance, often humming a tune in your head when no actual music is playing. One of my favorite memories so far is being woken up by you on a Sunday morning while you were humming "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin. I can only hope that you continue to have this happy go lucky & fun personality all your life as I believe it will take you far.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings out in you. We love you.


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