Oct 22, 2014

DisneyMania - The Ultimate Playlist

A preview of what's the come - all 4 of us on The Jungle Cruise!

Unlike our last trip to Disneyland, when London was 18 months, we decided to drive down instead of flying. Without traffic, it's around a 6 hour drive. We weren't sure how the girls would do, though they handle 3-4 hours pretty well, so we had hope. Of course, we loaded up on snacks and made sure to stop every few hours to just get out and walk around for a few minutes. And then there was the playlist I compiled of Disney music. 9 hours, 10 minutes worth. I built it from CDs I had (remember what a CD is?) and purchased music from Amazon. I looked for popular songs to the movies we were watching as well as actual music from the theme parks. 

We actually started listening to the music about a month before the trip, and it added to our excitement, especially when we heard the actual ride play-thrus, like Haunted Mansion and Haunted Mansion Holiday from start to finish, or the Little Mermaid Medley, which includes Sebastian telling you to exit to the left! Both London and Sydney enjoyed it and I definitely think it helped get them through the car rides. London still asks for the Disney songs when we're in the car. 

And, without further ado, here is the grand list and how each song related back to Disneyland/Disney (please bear with me, I had the list written up in Excel, but images work best here. You can always message me if you want it in Excel)

Next post will be about the trip and include many more pictures, I promise!

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