Oct 28, 2014

DisneyMania! - The Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique

London was one lucky girl while we were in Disneyland. On our last day, the first day some of our other friends were in the park, we had an appointment scheduled for her and Maisy to go get the Princess treatment at the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique. I think Maisy's mom, Jess, and I were more excited about it leading up to the actual appointment, but once the girls grasped what was about to take place, their excitement level shot up. 

The "Before" Shots

Jess and I were both amazed at how quickly these women worked to do our girls' hair, nails and make-up. And we were amazed by the amount of hair spray, gel and glitter that was used. They literally shalacked the girls hair into place! I let London go a few days without washing her hair - it lasted 3 days! It even lasted that first evening while we played in the pool (although London didn't get her hair wet). 
And "After"

At first London wanted the hair style that offered fake, colored hair, but her Fairy God Mother-in-training convinced her that the hair style with the little tiara would look better on her - and she won London over when she showed her the pink tiara and pink jeweled micky-head shaped barrette.

Jess and I had just as much fun watching the girls get pampered (although I think we were a little jealous that the age cut off is 12 - we totally would have gotten our hair done as well, I think). 

They pull out all the stop during the boutique experience. The girls were called Princess London and Princess Maisy throughout the entire experience. When each girl was done, their Fairy God Mother-in-training would then turn them around for all to see while they formally announced each girl and then they turned each girl back around to face a curtain. The curtain would then be opened to reveal a magical mirror that has twinkle lights in it as if it were fairy dust. 

Afterward, we headed to Thunder Mountain Railroad to meet up with our husbands, and Jess's son Miles. My parents were spending 1:1 time with Sydney while the big kids when on big kids ride. We got there before the boys, without knowing it, so we got in line and the girls had a blast on their first time on the ride - the first time ever for both of them. They were best friends the rest of the day.

As you can tell, I didn't stop taking pictures during the whole visit. I definitely want to do this again with the girls when Sydney is old enough. 

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