Aug 5, 2014

Swim Lessons: Round 2

London had a blast with her one week of swim lessons at the end of May. And Cameron and I want her to continue to enjoy the water, while being safe about it, so we decided to sign her up for a round of summer swim lessons at the end of July. These courses are two weeks, Monday thru Thursday, instead of 1 full Monday thru Friday week. 

I made sure to schedule the lessons when Cameron and I would both be home, as we also wanted to get in Sydney's first swim lessons. This would be a parent-tot class at the same time as London's. 

Over the two weeks, Cameron and I both noticed London was definitely improving. She was much better about going under water. It was recommended she continue with her Polliwog classes as she needs to work on floating on her back more before she can graduate to the Turtles class. So we signed her up for the last Polliwog session of the summer, which ends Thursday. It's hard to believe summer is almost over (in school terms, that is - I have a feeling the warm weather will last until mid-October at least).  

Sydney showed improvement by the end of the two weeks as well. But she is definitely different than London when it comes to swimming 20 months old. Oddly enough, Sydney is the exact age London was when we did a parent-tot class with her. London loved it, though she shivered through it since the indoor pool in February wasn't as heated as we would have liked. 

Any how, the first day, I got in with Sydney. She went between not wanting to let go of me and not wanting me to hold her at all. She drank a bit of water and a think a healthy fear of water settled in. Cameron went in with her the next day and he didn't have to hold on to her at all - she was clinging that tight to him most of the time. 

It seemed the first week, Sydney wasn't interested in anything other than holding on to us, unless we were allowing her to slide down the last 3 feet of the large water slides that emptied into the pool. It wasn't until Monday of the second week that she seemed more interested in practicing her kicks while floating around on a foam fish or turtle. And it wasn't until Thursday, after our last swim class, in  the bath tub that she decided to blow bubbles like we had been showing her the last two weeks! It wasn't like she didn't want to go in the water at all. If you asked if she wanted to go swimming she would say yes, and was cooperative in getting into her bathing suit, even wanting to walk into the water each day. I guess she knew she was just safest in our arms, at least in the beginning. 

Sydney will have to wait until next year for another swim class. Had I not been gone two days of this last round of swim lessons I would have considered signing her up for another class, but since she can't go up to the next class until she is 3, she still has a whole summer that she can take lessons as a Starfish with us to get better & more comfortable in the water. 

What I did learn with the last class of the summer classes is that it is a fun day. The pool actually has two 2 or 3 story water slides and a splash zone with a few kiddie-size slides at it and they turn the slides and splash zone on for fun time for everyone. Sydney and I even went down one of the little kiddie-sized slides! 

London had fun practicing her kicks on one of the foam fishes during this time. I think she had a little crush on the male instructor she had - she would not leave him alone. And both Cameron and I noticed this the entire two weeks. I think part of this was because he could throw her up in the air, high. Unfortunately, Cameron missed this play day as he was away that one day for a business-type trip.

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