Aug 12, 2014

Kitchen Message Center

In our kitchen, we have a giant blank wall next to the refrigerator. When we moved in, the previous owners had left a long, skinny pegboard up, which I removed when I painted the kitchen. 

While I liked the concept of a peg board in that spot, its positioning was all wrong. I also wanted to hang our yearly calendars there and put up a white board to post all our planned meals for each week as well as our shopping list needed. 

Originally, I thought of re-purposing the original peg board, just turning it vertical. But once I found the white board, or in this case, silver board, I decided I wanted something that would mimic the size and shape of it in the form of a peg board. 

Then I was thinking about getting a similar sized peg board and covering it with fabric. That is, until I unpacked a few more boxes, in search of straws, when I found a bag of wine corks. We do have a bit of a Mediterranean/wine country theme going on in our house. And I have all these left over corks. That's when I involved Cameron and had him build me a frame for a wine-cork peg board. Viola! 

The board wasn't without its own growing pains. First, when we cut the pieces at Home Depot, I thought the silver board was 18" x 18". I discovered at home, that it was 14" x 14". Having the additional length was a blessing though, as I also realized we cut the angle the wrong way, because we needed the thicker side of the molding to go on the inside, otherwise the corks would be a bit taller than the frame. It took a while, but Cameron finally got around to cutting the pieces down, and then I painted the pieces with our trim paint. After an evening of gluing, we finally had our cork board, and as soon as it was ready I got around to hanging all the pieces of our new message center. 

We capped it off with another one of my mom's paintings, a still painting of pears. It goes so well here with the colors in our house!

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