Jul 24, 2014

The Girls Bathroom

We bought the paint for the girls' bathroom before we bought the paint for the kitchen, and since we are trying extra hard to be money conscious, I decided my home project for the month of July would be painting the girls' bathroom. 



What a difference a coat of paint makes. (WARNING: You may hear me say this a lot as I complete each room.) Every time a room gets painted, it feels more like home. I did most of the painting of the girls' bath over the 4th of July holiday, but didn't complete it for another week. This meant a week of the girls taking baths in our bathroom as well as their shelving unit and decor hanging out in the master bedroom. What did it take so long? I'm not just adding paint to the main wall; I'm also painting all the trim work. 



Again, the color for the wall is "Bone" by Behr, this time in eggshell and the trim is "Bleached Linen" by Behr in eggshell. I also removed the absurdly high towel bar and ordered a robin's egg blue starfish hook as well as an ivory clam shell hook to hang on the wall for towel drying instead. Those arrived Monday & Tuesday respectively, so those will be going up soon.
Doesn't the trim look so much better with the new paint? The door is the old color. Dull!

This room has Phase 1 and Phase 2 plans just like the kitchen. 

Here is the Phase 1 Plan: 

As you can see, we are well on our way with Phase 1. 

Phase 2 is much more complicated. But it will also, likely, become the first room in the house that Phase 2 will happen in. 

The plan is to empty the two hall closets and demo into them so that we can increase the square footage of the bathroom, and center the door on the wall. The closet space that would open up next to the bathtub will then become half open shelving and half more cabinet space. 

And by moving the door, we can then reposition the vanity and make it a double sink vanity. This will be much better when the girls are older. There will be very few years when they won't be getting up and ready for school at the same time. 

We also want to rip out the horrible plastic bathtub/shower unit and install a larger bath with tile around it. I'm sure this will include an upgrade in shower head as well. 

When it comes to lighting, this bathroom has no natural light and awful florescent lighting. We'll take the current monstrosity, and place a can light over the tub area and lighting fixtures over each sink. I then want to look into the reflective skylights so that we can bring in some actual natural light. 

Here are some renderings of the current layout along with the proposed changes that I drew up when we started to discuss it. The only thing that we wouldn't be able to complete in the bathroom during phase 2 would be the floor. We'd likely get a cheap linoleum and live with it until we could do all the floors in the house with the same tile. 


The Future

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