Jul 15, 2014

Spring Portraits 2014

My mom sent my dad out in April with some adorable princess dresses. Since we had a wedding to attend at the beginning of May, I put the dresses away to be saved for the big day. But when the big day came, we forgot to get pictures of the girls in the dresses - partially because it was an outdoor wedding and it was windy. 

The girls were beyond adorable in the dresses, and since we hadn't gotten any pictures I was planning on taking the girls in to get professional portraits. Then their school announced that they would be bringing in a photographer for spring portraits. The photographer would be bringing in a standard outfit for girls and a standard outfit for boys to wear, but also provided the option for parents to bring in a special outfit. 

Perfect! On picture day, I brought in the girls dresses and then waited a few weeks to see the results. When we told the girls showing the pictures our kids names, they about ran each other over to get our pictures out to show us. They turned out amazing - so much so we had to wait another couple of weeks to get the CD of hi-res images. They finally arrived:

The pictures turned out beyond adorable, don't you think?

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