Jul 30, 2014

A short funny story...

Just to make you laugh. Cameron and I tend to listen to country music - its where we meet in the middle when it comes to music. And we often play country music when driving with the girls. 

Yesterday, when I was dropping the girls at daycare, one of Sydney's old teachers, Ms. Neecy, said that she has an interesting conversation with London on Monday. Immediately I wondered what London had said. According to Ms. Neecy, London said the following: 

"Yesterday my mommy and I picked up my daddy from the airport. And he was getting drunk on a plane."

I about peed my pants and was slightly mortified that the teacher  would think Cameron was an alcoholic, and I actually quickly explained that was not the case. Except that she was laughing too. That's when I remembered she likes country music too. 

By the way, I still start laughing tears thinking about it. That's my girl! And the main reason I am writing this post is to solidify the memory somewhere!

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