Jul 31, 2014

A Desk For London

Back in Mid-March my mom came out for a visit. We both were attending a bridal shower for a family friend on that Saturday. The weekend ended up being a gorgeous one, so for some fun around the house that Sunday, I set my mom and London up with paint and brushes to take on the painting of London's new-to-her desk. 

Just like her dresser, this was a free hand-me down from London's Grammi. Knowing the weekend was shaping up to be a beauty, Cameron had prepped the desk by sanding it down. And after London and my mom finished planting sunflower seeds near the shed, they set to work getting the first coat on. 

London loved being involved and had a blast having her grandma help her with the project. Later that evening I got the second coat of paint on the desk, and a few days later, completed the two clear coats. By the weekend, I was able to paint the new, wooden knobs for it, and line the drawers with black drawer liner. 

We even got the desk moved into London's room rather quickly - but it's taken me this long to share it as it has taken me this long to complete & hang the bulletin boards for above it until now! The worst part is the desk still needs a chair. Hopefully we find one before the end of summer. 

London loves the desk, of course, and this is a great place where we can store her phonics and numbers learning tools, coloring books and cutting exercise sheets, safely away from Sydney's inquisitive (and sometimes damaging) hands. 

London got to pick out the color for the desk as a treat for being good with her chores that week. We haven't been so good at the chore board lately, since it's been sitting on the floor. Now it's finally hung so hopefully we get her back into the routine. At the same time, a lot of what she started working on when we started the board has stuck - she gets herself dressed most mornings and is about 50/50 on whether she remembers to clear her plate from the table after dinner. We have other areas we do need to focus on, like putting clean and dirty laundry away. 

At the same time, we're not pushing the chores too hard on her. London needs to be a kid too. We'd rather her focus on knowing her letters, numbers, days of the week and months. We shoudl find out soon if she makes it into the Transitional Kindergarten class at her daycare. If she makes it in, she will have homework every weekend, which will put this desk to good use. Now, time to find a chair!

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