Jul 10, 2014

4th of July

 We spent the long holiday weekend relaxing at home, a much needed staycation for us. I didn't leave the house Friday or Saturday. It was glorious!

The fun began during work on Thursday, when Cameron and I used our lunch hours early to watch the girls participate in their daycare's 4th of July parade. It was too cute. For Sydney, the parade wasn't fast enough, lapping her class at least once while she ran along. We swear that kid doesn't know how to walk - just run!

This is when Sydney decided to make her own route outside!

On the actual 4th, our friends Jeff & Christina came over for a BBQ lunch where I tried a new Zucchini fries recipe from Martha Stewart. It was fantastic - so much so Cameron and I had some more for dinner the next day. The cayenne pepper in the recipe added just the right amount of kick to it. I served the fries with Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix mixed with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup Greek yogurt.

Cameron also convinced me to attempt my baking skills on a "Flag Cake" he saw online. The cake recipe and instructions came from Food52.com. The white cake recipe was decent though I still haven't found one that I absolutely love. It did result in a moist cake and didn't resemble any store-bought box cake (I don't like those at all). And instead of using the frosting recipe recommended with the recipe, I made the cream-cheese frosting recipe I use for carrot cake. Then I set to work at decorating. It was an ok job given I have no instruction on cake decorating what so ever. But it did motivate me to consider taking some classes. Enough so that while at Joann on Sunday I grabbed their class schedule and am looking at taking the Wilton Class 1 in August which goes over buttercream basics.

Every one loved the cake and we had a great afternoon catching up with friends. And about an hour after Jeff and Christina left, our friends Pat & Kim came by with their two girls before they headed out to see fireworks. We skipped the fireworks this year. We knew Sydney would not have made it given all the activity that day even with 2 solid naps behind her and while we planned to have London watch the Macy's Fireworks on TV, she didn't even make it to 9:30 pm for that. I watched them alone while I worked on Sydney's stocking (yes, I'm still working on it - it's coming along but I'm still not sure it will be ready this year) and Cameron played some computer games. 

Sydney ended up being sick with a fever on Saturday, which made for a whiny, yet cuddly toddler. Luckily, I was stuck at home with the girls any how; we had an appointment window from 12 pm to 5 PM to have the windshield replaced on one of our cars. Cameron stepped out long enough to get the oil changed on the other car, which took longer than expected as the car didn't get taken back for the oil change until 11:30 AM - he had a 9:15 AM appointment! To say they were overbooked was an understatement. He did make a stop at Home Depot to pick me up some supplies for my weekend project goal - painting the girls' bathroom. I was able to get the room prepped and coat 1 painted during Sydney's naps that day. 

Sunday, Sydney woke up fever free but whiny. Just as we were getting ready to go to Old Town Sac in the morning, she got so whiny we thought she should nap first. So I took London to Joann, Costco and Raley's. Apparently she only napped for 10 minutes over the 2 hour window we were gone. She was still whiny but refused to nap. Any time we put her down in her crib she would break out into distressed crying fits. Eventually, I decided we just needed to go so all of us could get out of the house as doing nothing for too long can weigh on us. 

We headed to Old Town Sac as we wanted to take advantage of our California State Railroad museum membership and go for a train ride. We got there around 2:30 so we could go on the 3 PM train ride. The train was running behind about 10 minutes, so boarding would be at 3 PM. We headed to the museum for a quick little walk-through in the nice air conditioning - it was now the warmest part of the day and it topped out at 102 degrees. Plus, we're getting some moisture from the monsoons down south, which added a little humidity. 

That's when we discovered, after several other visits to the museum, that there is a second floor! And on this second floor are toy trains and tracks, Chugginton and Thomas the Train themed, for the kids to play with. Perfect! We spent the whole time up there, before heading to the boarding area for our train ride. The cars on the train are either open car or non-air conditioned with windows open, so the breeze from the moving train was welcome relief once we got going.We agreed on weekends we are home we should make more of an attempt to use our membership to its maximum benefit, especially since Sydney had a grand time. Next time though, we'll head out first thing in the morning before it gets too hot!

Thankfully, after a arriving home and a quick snack and bath, Sydney was more than ready for bed, early. And I settled into getting the last coat of paint up in the bathroom. Now to tackle the baseboards!

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  1. that cake looks awesome!
    my son would have loved that Thomas themed area