Jun 5, 2014

Sydney's First Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Waiting for the wave
While our Saturday had been reserved for our annual wine trip in Carmel Valley, we decided we couldn't make a trip all the way down there and not go to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and not without the girls. So we brought the girls and Vicki along for the weekend. 

After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, Embassy Suites, we headed to the aquarium. This would be Sydney's first visit, and sadly, only London's second. That will change this year though, as we purchased a membership for the family. We discovered that if we visit once a quarter, the membership more than pays for it, plus we get 10% off in the gift stores. And a good thing we will be going back. 

Just as we started to walk through the one exhibit I really wanted to see, the Tentacles exhibit, which is only a temporary set up, Sydney's diaper leaked. I happened to be holding her on my hip, so I became a puddle. Not very fun. 

Both of the girls got a kick out of the area where you can stand under a tunnel and experience what it is like to be under a wave. London wasn't too found of the touch pools and was scared the decorator crab would pinch her. 


Sydney had a great time. She has recently discovered fish and actually says fishy when she sees them. Luckily, she gets to see them every day as there is a fish tank in her class at school. 

And of course the biggest hit to the girls was the area where they could wander freely and play around. 

Unfortunately, there was an event going on at the aquarium that weekend which made it really busy and hard to maneuver around. We'll make sure our next visit isn't on such a weekend. And with the realization of what a good set up the Embassy Suites offers us, we'll be able to drive down on a Saturday, wander the aquarium that afternoon. Because the hotel has suites, we can put the girls down to bed and not have to go down ourselves. Plus, the complimentary Happy Hour from 5 to 7 PM doesn't hurt, not the indoor pool that London would love to test out now that she's got some swim lessons under her belt. And the breakfast offered was good. 

The Only Picture I got in the Tentacles Exhibit before I became  a Puddle

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