Jun 24, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Box

Sorry for the silence! We have been pretty busy since the end of April. I hope to get all caught up soon. To get started, let's take a trip down memory lane to Easter. In my Easter post I briefly mentioned a box I had Cameron build me to add to our minimal Easter decor. Here's the story behind the box. 

It started with my desire to add to our Easter decor offerings since this is one holiday we often celebrate at our home but was lacking when it came to decorating for the holiday. After perusing Pinterest a bit, and all that I have posted to my Easter and Spring Pinterest Boards, I came upon this image:

The visual inspiration

It was perfect and just what I wanted to put on the table behind our loveseat in the family room. I would just substitute the real flowers from this image to faux flowers from the craft store so that this could be used over and over, year after year, at no additional cost each year. 

The best part? When we bought our house and land, there were piles of old fence posts and other wood scraps left on the property, exposed to the elements. I showed this image to Cameron and asked him to scavenge up a few pieces of wood and create this box for me. He happened to have just purchased an air compressor with nail gun a few weeks earlier so it was a perfect opportunity for him to test out this new tool. 

And I headed to Joann's for my supplies. I should have gone to Michael's as I always find that Michael's has a better floral department, but I needed other things Joann's could only supply me, and given the stores are opposite directions, Joann's it was. 

Well, once the box was made, stuffed and placed, Cameron and I both decided we liked the box a lot. Just not on the table where I planned to place it. It was too big for the table. But it went perfectly on my buffet in the dining room. Too perfectly, as it has become a permanent feature. I just need to make a trip to Michael's to select some better floral options, but I'm waiting until Fall, since the colors we now want in the box need to match the Painted Tapestry that hangs above it. 

Our box
What do you think? We've discovered more weathered wood pieces out on our land that I want to repurpose for our home. There is one piece that will make a great, sturdy shelf. I just don't know where I want to put such a shelf yet.

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