Jun 26, 2014

London - 4 Year Stats

Our Little Princess
London turned 4 earlier this month. Unfortunately for her, she spent her actual birthday sick on the couch as she had come down with a laryngitis-like virus. Of course, that was the day they had a bounce house at her daycare to kick off the summer festivities. To top it off, her daddy was away on business. I tried to make it as special as I could with a trip to the grocery store to pick out some cupcakes and then to Papa Murphy's for a take and bake pizza. Most of the top of that pizza landed on the floor of our kitchen later that evening just as I was pulling it out of the oven, as I had failed to secure the kitchen from Sydney and was desperately trying to keep her from touching the hot pizza or oven! Thankfully, the crust was fine and we had cheese in the fridge that I could melt quickly on to the original crust. I don't think the girls knew the difference - I did. 

Any how, London went to the doctor on Tuesday this week for her check-up. Here's where she stands: 

Height: 42 1/4" (90th Percentile)
Weight: 36 lbs 4 oz (50-75th percentile)

London also had to get two shots - MMR and DTAP. I warned her she would likely get a shot or two. The girl has my pain tolerance - or lack there of. But I didn't want to hide the idea from her as well. She was a brave little girl and only fussed a little - but she was a good listener and sat still as requested. I was not expecting the finger prick for the hemoglobin test. Again she did really well at listened with just a little fuss. But she got 3 stickers out of the deal too. Only issue, the reader showed a low hemoglobin count, so we had to go to a different part of the building to have some blood drawn to make sure she wasn't anemic. That was no fun. I felt so bad for London. The 3 pricks was more than we expected and now she had to have a 4th poke. Again she did better than I could have asked for. 

We went to the Disney store after the doctor's as a reward, where she picked up a new Sophia the First backpack. And daddy took her to get ice cream before picking up Sydney from daycare. The night was capped off with London getting to try on her birthday gifts from her grandma and grandpa - a Queen Elsa dress and Tiara. She couldn't stop smiling. 

In Disney milestones, it is now easier to name and count the rides London will not be able to go on during our next trip there. She won't be able to ride a whole whopping 2 rides in both parks! California Screamin' and Indiana Jones. I doubt she'll grow 4 inches in 4 months - otherwise we could check off Indiana Jones as well! We'll be bringing along her Queen Elsa dress during our next trip as well - London may or may not be getting to visit the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. 

And we got the results back from the hemoglobin test - she was just below normal, with no flags. We're just going to try and get her to eat a little more meat and veggies from now on.

She also couldn't stop twirling in her dress!

Jun 24, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Box

Sorry for the silence! We have been pretty busy since the end of April. I hope to get all caught up soon. To get started, let's take a trip down memory lane to Easter. In my Easter post I briefly mentioned a box I had Cameron build me to add to our minimal Easter decor. Here's the story behind the box. 

It started with my desire to add to our Easter decor offerings since this is one holiday we often celebrate at our home but was lacking when it came to decorating for the holiday. After perusing Pinterest a bit, and all that I have posted to my Easter and Spring Pinterest Boards, I came upon this image:

The visual inspiration

It was perfect and just what I wanted to put on the table behind our loveseat in the family room. I would just substitute the real flowers from this image to faux flowers from the craft store so that this could be used over and over, year after year, at no additional cost each year. 

The best part? When we bought our house and land, there were piles of old fence posts and other wood scraps left on the property, exposed to the elements. I showed this image to Cameron and asked him to scavenge up a few pieces of wood and create this box for me. He happened to have just purchased an air compressor with nail gun a few weeks earlier so it was a perfect opportunity for him to test out this new tool. 

And I headed to Joann's for my supplies. I should have gone to Michael's as I always find that Michael's has a better floral department, but I needed other things Joann's could only supply me, and given the stores are opposite directions, Joann's it was. 

Well, once the box was made, stuffed and placed, Cameron and I both decided we liked the box a lot. Just not on the table where I planned to place it. It was too big for the table. But it went perfectly on my buffet in the dining room. Too perfectly, as it has become a permanent feature. I just need to make a trip to Michael's to select some better floral options, but I'm waiting until Fall, since the colors we now want in the box need to match the Painted Tapestry that hangs above it. 

Our box
What do you think? We've discovered more weathered wood pieces out on our land that I want to repurpose for our home. There is one piece that will make a great, sturdy shelf. I just don't know where I want to put such a shelf yet.

Jun 5, 2014

Sydney's First Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Waiting for the wave
While our Saturday had been reserved for our annual wine trip in Carmel Valley, we decided we couldn't make a trip all the way down there and not go to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and not without the girls. So we brought the girls and Vicki along for the weekend. 

After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, Embassy Suites, we headed to the aquarium. This would be Sydney's first visit, and sadly, only London's second. That will change this year though, as we purchased a membership for the family. We discovered that if we visit once a quarter, the membership more than pays for it, plus we get 10% off in the gift stores. And a good thing we will be going back. 

Just as we started to walk through the one exhibit I really wanted to see, the Tentacles exhibit, which is only a temporary set up, Sydney's diaper leaked. I happened to be holding her on my hip, so I became a puddle. Not very fun. 

Both of the girls got a kick out of the area where you can stand under a tunnel and experience what it is like to be under a wave. London wasn't too found of the touch pools and was scared the decorator crab would pinch her. 


Sydney had a great time. She has recently discovered fish and actually says fishy when she sees them. Luckily, she gets to see them every day as there is a fish tank in her class at school. 

And of course the biggest hit to the girls was the area where they could wander freely and play around. 

Unfortunately, there was an event going on at the aquarium that weekend which made it really busy and hard to maneuver around. We'll make sure our next visit isn't on such a weekend. And with the realization of what a good set up the Embassy Suites offers us, we'll be able to drive down on a Saturday, wander the aquarium that afternoon. Because the hotel has suites, we can put the girls down to bed and not have to go down ourselves. Plus, the complimentary Happy Hour from 5 to 7 PM doesn't hurt, not the indoor pool that London would love to test out now that she's got some swim lessons under her belt. And the breakfast offered was good. 

The Only Picture I got in the Tentacles Exhibit before I became  a Puddle

Jun 3, 2014

Sydney's Stats: 18 Months

Hard to believe our little girl is closer to 2 years old than she is one. She is growing up so quickly. We went to the doctor mid-way through her 18th month, so this post is a bit delayed. Everything went well at the appointment - Sydney even got our doctor cracking up. First she pointed to the seat and indicated she wanted up on it, so I sat her down on it. Then she patted the seat next to her indicated that she wanted me to sit next to her. This was all the doctor needed to know she is developmentally on target for her age. 

Sydney is talking more and more. One of the more hilarious things she says/does is a "no no no...no no...no no no no" all while shaking her finger at you. The first time she did this was at Grammi's house. We were on the porch and London was rocking in the porch swing. Sydney walked into the swing. But she whipped around and scolded London like it was her fault. Vicki and I bowled over laughing. Sydney continues to do this on an almost daily basis. She's also string words together as well, saying Thank you Mommy. However, she has regressed into calling Daddy mommy. Of course when you ask her who Daddy is, she points right at him.

Sydney is also my little cleaner. She clears her dishes after she eats or her sippy cups from her crib each morning. She'll flip out if you don't let her get her dishes to the sink on her own. If you start picking up toys around her, she will be quick to pitch in. 

And now here are the stats: 

Height: 32 1/2" (50-85th percentile)
Weight: 25 lbs 12.5 oz (85th percentile)
Head Circumference: 45 1/4 cm