May 20, 2014

The SINK is in!

My New Love

I'm in LOVE! Yes, I'll say it, I'm in love...with our new sink! Over Mother's Day weekend, even while Cameron wasn't feel great, he worked hard and, after several trips to Home Depot, which included conversations about thinks being not to code in the old set up, he got it in and functioning. 

One last look at the old, awful sink!

Two days with no kitchen sink was an adjustment, plus there was no dishwasher because of the dismantling. I did end up washing some dishes in the girls' bathtub, but it was all VERY worth it in the end. 

Dismantling in progress
Let's just say that with the new sink, dishes get done around here. I don't even dread cleaning the George Foreman grill, or the Wok. Before, these items, after use, would likely sit next to the sink for a good week, week and a half, maybe even 2 depending on how many other dishes needed to get done or stacked up in front of them. They were just such a pain to clean in a double sink. 
We discovered after removing the old sink, that it was never sealed, so there was water damage to the particle board counter top. Luckily, no mold. We ran a fan on the area for a day to dry it out.

The large single basin sink now makes everything so much easier to clean. I can actually fit 3 pots and pans inside the sink without even a handle sticking out. And since the new sink it 9" deep, not 6" I don't walk away with a wet belly after each washing. 

Did I say I was in love? Can you tell? It's amazing what the right sink will do. 

Oh, and the kitchen wall painting is complete. Taking a little break and then I'll either start on the cabinets or continue the wall color throughout the rest of the house. I have the semi-gloss in the wall color for the girls bathroom, so I may start there once I get more painter's tape and some drop cloths. 


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  2. Wow, your sink looks pretty awesome! It looks nice, and goes well with the rest of the kitchen. It’s also nice that it’s much more convenient for you in terms of the usage. Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. All the best!

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  3. That sink is gorgeous! Your two day wait was definitely worth it. I hope your girls didn’t mind that the dishes took a dip on their tub as well. Haha! Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us, Cam & Sarah. Have a great day!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing


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