May 8, 2014

Phase 1: Kitchen Plans

As mentioned on Tuesday, we have two phases for the changes we plan to make to our house. Phase 2 is the major overhaul/remodel we have our hearts set on to achieve the ultimate house in our minds. Phase 1 is designed to make us happier with the current house and live with it for 5 to 10 years so we can save money up for Phase 2. 

And since the white fridge's death, painting has begin in the kitchen, making it the first room in the house we will tackle for phase 1. Because of that, I thought I would share the plans for the kitchen in Phase 1. 

Here they are: 

Walls, etc. - Paint & Message Center
The walls, baseboards and window seal painting is in progress. We're painting the walls the Behr color "Bone" in an eggshell finish, and the baseboards and window seal in the Behr color "Bleached Linen " in a semi-gloss finish. 

As for the message center - the previous owner left up a horizontal cork board and we went along with using it as soon as we moved in. The major problem I had with it was the horizontal positioning. I plan to find a nice fabric that compliments the kitchen and re-hang the board up vertically, that way the calendar can hang next to it, not below it. I am going back and forth on getting a more square, smaller cork board to cover and a matching square white board to hang above it and then the calendar next to both - that way we could remove at least one of the white boards on the front of the fridge. Thoughts? 

See how the calendar had to hang low?
The Cabinets are well built. But we aren't fans of "blonde" cabinets. And opening the drawers can be hazardous to a person's fingers. Sometimes the darn things stick, making you have to grasp to open them (I've lost a few nails to these darn things), and then they are designed to slide close so you have to physically hold it open when putting things like tupperware and silverware away. 

The plan is to paint the cabinets black, likely in a semi-gloss finish and then outfit them in brushed silver knobs. The drawers will be outfitted with brushed silver cup pulls. This will at least fix the aesthetics and save some fingers. We'll still have to deal with the fact that most drawers aren't deep enough to store the saran wrap in, but we'll get by. In the lower cabinets, the top shelves are only half shelves. I think we may decide to add the other half of the shelf to increase the storage space down there.

Pulls and Cup Pulls we are looking at
Look at all  the lost storage space!

The sink sucks! It is no deeper than 6 inches. Seriously, you can only get one layer of sippy cups in it. And the two basins are 10" x 10" squares - some of our plates and bowls barely fit in them to rinse or wash. The faucet doesn't help either. It's short. You have to carefully tip a pot for pasta sideways to get it under the faucet and then into the sink for filling. Don't fill it too full either - you'll lose half of it trying to get the pot back out of the sink! 

I think the sink is our biggest frustration. But that's getting fixed in phase 1 too! My dad very generously sent me some money after his visit in April to purchase a new sink and faucet. The faucet arrived last week. Look at the difference people! 

The rest of the sink arrived on Monday. We had a little fun comparing the two with different items you would place in the sink. I can't wait for it to go in! Good thing we are home this weekend.

The sinks edge to edge are the same dimensions!
A comparison of how much more room our large salad bowls get in the sink

And a sippy cup and extra large pink cup in the old sink
And now in the new sink!
What it will look like with the faucet on it - so much room for a pot!
This is how much we hate the current sink - we are ecstatic over a new one! And we plan to salvage the new sink during phase 2 to be used in our dream kitchen as well.

Percolating Thoughts
Other than that, I am toying with the idea of finding a clearance tile to create a back splash - the grouting would be good practice for Phase 2 projects in the future. I'm even considering watching for Home Depot's women workshops that go over grouting. And the last things I could consider doing is installing some lights above the main work center in the kitchen and adding in some bar stools, but that stuff likely would come only when I was bored and done with the rest of the house for phase 1 and we were still working on saving for Phase 2. Time will tell.

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  1. that is such an insanely shallow sink..
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