May 15, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend was a busy one for us, and in a way, kicked off our busy season. 

The Friday night before Easter, I prepped by boiling and blowing out eggs, to be dyed the next day. Cameron's not big on hard boiled eggs and with our Easter decor a bit lacking, I decided to add to it this year. First, I added a painted board in the shape of an egg, which said "Welcome" to the front door with the egg wreath we already had. 

I also had Cameron build me a flower box using reclaimed wood found on our land and filled it with fake spring flowers. I'll share that another time, soon, as while it was meant to be a special feature for just this time of year, it quickly became a focal point in our house for year round since we liked it so much. Before I share I need to get some different faux flowers in it. I lined the base of the flowers with some of the blown-out Easter eggs that London and I dyed on Saturday while Sydney was taking her nap.The rest of the blown out eggs that were dyed went into some "nests" I created out of basket filler and placed inside my cake domes.

Saturday started with an Easter Egg hunt at a local park, being put on by the local Active 20-30 club which we have friends in. Then I whisked the girls off to a new hair salon for some hair cuts - this included the official "first cut" package for Sydney. Both girls ended up with some version of bangs, as much as Cameron can't stand bangs on the girls, it had to be done as hair was constantly in their faces. Both are not blessed with nice hair - its thin, slow growing and stringy. Add in the cowlicks and bangs were just inevitable at this age. Our hope is, as they grow older, that their hair gets better and more open to being styled. 

We followed the trip to the salon up with Costco and Raley's, our usual weekend stops for the week's groceries. Included in the items picked up though, were the ingredients for homemade pizza dough and carrot cupcakes & cream cheese icing. 

We started the tradition of making homemade pizza on Easter Sunday the year we moved into our old house. We love it so much that we knew we wanted to continue the tradition this year in our new home. 

London assisted in helping me make the carrot cupcakes on Saturday as well. 

She could hardly wait to try one of these puppies out. For a girl who will hold a carrot in her mouth and chew but never swallow for over an hour, she didn't seem hesitant at all to try one in cupcake form! And it turned out she loves carrot cupcakes (I'm sure all the sugar and cream cheese frosting has nothing to do with this...) - so much so that she actually snuck a cupcake on Easter into her room to devour it unseen. Problem was, she left the rapper under her desk. I also found finger tracks in a few of the left over cupcakes' icing. When confronted, at least she owned up to the thievery and sneakiness. 

Of course, the Easter Bunny visited the night leading into Easter. Sydney wasn't sure of what to think about her basket - it actually took my taking everything out of the basket for her to get interested in it. And hard to believe, but she didn't like the Peeps or Carrot Cupcakes. She's our good little eater, but unless its a cookie, she doesn't go after sugar much. I'm sure that will change. 

The rest of Easter morning was spent prepping the dough for that afternoon and making a quiche for breakfast out of all the blown-out eggs' yolks. It was delicious and may make it into the Easter tradition rotation. Last of all, I whipped up the Cream Cheese icing and iced the cupcakes. I couldn't believe how easy the icing was, or how delicious it was. We're considering making these cupcakes for London's birthday in June since she loved them so much, too. 

Cameron's mom, step brother and family all joined us for Easter Lunch/Dinner. Since we would have several kids over, Vicki and Pua planned an Easter egg hunt. Cameron mowed a maze in the grass out front to hide the plastic eggs filled with candy in. 50 eggs were hidden. Only 42 came back inside. 

And while we decided to "hide" empty eggs on the lawn just out front for Sydney, she insisted on finding eggs out in the tall grass with the big kids. Here are some fun photos from the hunts:

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