Apr 1, 2014

Strange Weather

Winter finally decided to grace us with his presence last week - a week after winter ended! We went from Sunny & 75 to cold, windy and rainy in less than 24 hours. Which set us up for some funnel clouds and a few tornadoes. Luckily for us, tornadoes here don't pack a punch like they do in the mid-west. For the few that touched down, some houses lost some roof tiles and a few fences were wrecked. 

And the biggest news story to come from this wild and crazy weather? That no one in our area took the warning seriously and went outside to view this wild weather versus what we were told to do - go inside and stay away from windows. 

Cameron and I were some of those people. While we kept the kids and dogs inside, the two of us did venture outside. At one point there were swirling clouds above us so we tried to get video of it - unfortunately, the video didn't turn out well as the clouds were swirling so slow. But then, while we were watching everything unfold on the news, a funnel cloud was reported and seen via the news copter and from the description it should have been near us. From our back window we couldn't see anything, but when we went out on the back porch and looked to the right, there it was:

This puppy was about 2 miles away and would be one to touch down. We knew we were out of harms way. Had the cloud that was swirling above our backyard really formed, we would have headed into the girls' bathroom as it has no windows and is in the center of  our house. So don't worry, we weren't ignoring the warnings that bad; we had our plan. But, you don't see this in our area very often and it's usually not much of anything to be worried about compared to other areas in this country.

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