Apr 10, 2014

Dog Run Update

Cameron started the process of building the dog pen almost as soon as we moved in. Progress stalled for a while thanks to time, budget, and most recently, weather. Finally, on Monday, cement could be poured, and thanks to some paid help, and a break in the rainy weather, poured it was! 

Since this Dog Run will be located in our still-to-be fenced backyard, we decided to spend a little extra to have the concrete stamped and colored. It's going to take about a month for the cement to cure and for the color to be less red. 

That means the dog run is at a stand still again. We can't drill into the cement to install the wrought iron fence until the cement is cured. But that also gives us a month to save up for and purchase the fence, which will likely have to be ordered. Maybe by the end of our first year here, the dogs will have their special space. Not that they are complaining. They love life in the current backyard and have only escaped should a gate get left open, and even then, they have been VERY GOOD dogs and stayed on our property. Most days they romp around chasing each other until they spy activity inside the house. Then they set-up look out into the house, begging to be let inside.

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