Apr 8, 2014

A Willow Tree

Cameron & I have always loved Willow trees. We both agreed we wanted a willow in our front yard as a statement piece. And Cameron is determined to get any trees we will have on our property in these first few years to reap the rewards of their growth as soon as we can. 

We've planted a total of 10 trees including the Willow Tree. This was the last tree to be planted, back in Mid-March. It's pretty much just a twig with leaves right now, but it will be fun to watch it grow from my kitchen window as time marches on. 

Now, to remove the few trees that were already on the property, but in bad spots. We've recently fallen in love with the Red Bud, and were so sad to learn that the two trees outside the girls' bedrooms were Red Buds. Why were we sad? Because these two trees have to be removed - they are planted over our septic tank and leach lines which is an absolute no-no! We also have two trees in the front yard that we are not fans of, but we were also instructed to remove those by an expert because they were planted too close to the house and will soon be an issue for our roof and satellite for TV & internet.

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  1. oh that sounds wonderful. we too had to do some tree cutting when we moved to our new place.