Apr 17, 2014

A Barnyard Bunch

The girls' school has cute names for each class: Butterflies and Caterpillars, Barnyard Bunch, Lil Ducklings, Friendly Frogs, Zoo Crew & Lion's Den. 

London's been in the Friendly Frogs class since we started at the school last October. Sydney started out in the Caterpillars class until she was steady when walking. I think she made the transition to the Butterfly class around Christmas. And she wasn't due to join the Barnyard Bunch until she turned 2. 

But she ended up starting the Barnyard Bunch this week. Our daycare got themselves re-licensed so that kids between the ages of 1 and 3 could have easier transitions into new classrooms. Before this, you had to be 2 before you could go into the Barnyard Bunch and it had proven to be a rough transition for most. With the new license, kids 18 mos to 2 1/2 years can be in the Barnyard Bunch and 2 to 3 years old for Lil Ducklings. It all depends on the child's readiness not the age. 

Sydney was selected along with 3 other Butterflies to make the move and they are working on the transition this week. We still drop her off in the Butterfly room and when all the kids have arrived, they are walked over to the Barnyard Bunch room together with one of their Butterfly teachers. The Butterfly teacher stays with them while they are there and takes them back as necessary. 

Last week, in anticipation of the move, we were encouraged to bring Sydney by at pick up time just for a few minutes to get to know her new room and teachers, Ms. Pam Pam and Stefanye. We did this on Wednesday and Thursday. So we sort of expected a good report at the end of Monday as Sydney had no qualms with the visits last week. Plus, from our experience with London and seeing how Sydney has followed well in her footsteps, we suspected the change wouldn't bother her much. 

Still, we were anxious to hear how it went. 

Sydney's reports both Monday and Tuesday came back glowing. She did better than expected and much better than the other 3 kids. She actually did so well on Monday, that when Ms. Tracy headed back to the Butterfly room at the end of the day, she took the other 3 kids with her - but Sydney stayed with Ms. Pam Pam and played away. While we weren't surprised by the glowing report, we were relieved to know our expectations of how it all would go down were met and exceeded. My guess is that next week, we'll even be dropping Sydney off in the Barnyard Bunch classroom in the mornings. 

Cameron and I can't help but be a little proud in how well the girls transition to change. It makes us feel like we are doing something right with them that they can have the confidence to go into the unknown and still be the happy and outgoing girls they usually are.

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  1. that's wonderful! D's class is called the panda's