Apr 29, 2014

2014 Zoo Zoom

My running these days is not where I would like it to be, but for the time being I am not signing up for any half marathons either. Our life is too busy to put in the effort to properly train. So for now, I am focusing on 10Ks. Recently I participated in one that benefited the Sacramento Zoo. And London participated in her very first race - a 220 yard dash Fun Run for the Sac Zoo. To top off the weekend, my dad was in town for a quick visit - he just couldn't wait to see the girls until June. He hadn't seen them since our trip to Tucson in February. 

The weather was perfect for my run. The breeze had brought in the Bay Area fog cover, something we rarely get. It was actually rather chilly while we waited for the start. The fog cover work break while I was running. While I didn't have a personal best, it was wonderful to get back out and running. Cameron, my dad, Sydney and London were waiting for me when I had less than 50 yards to go. London was so excited to see me that she ran out to greet me. Since I still had to finish the race, I grabbed her hand and she finished with me. The crowd got a pretty big kick out of it. 

After my race, we waited for London's to start. She great and loved getting to run by herself. There was an option for me to run with her up to the very last second, but London insisted that she wanted to run by herself. Honestly, I understand the need to allow parents to run with their kids, but they then should have had two heats - one for kids alone and one for kids with parents. Parents were supposed to run behind the kids, but the participating parents wanted to keep up with their kids, which made for a bit of a chaotic run. What was even more chaotic was trying to get to London after the run. The finish line spills into a col-de-sac just behind the zoo. And for the kids, medals were being handed out - but right at the finish line. The handing out of the medals actually caused a backup at the finish line and with so many parents trying to get to their kids, it was just a disaster. It probably took me 5 minutes to get to London. What would have worked better was to create a kid coral and make sure that kids didn't leave it without a parent. And they probably should have had something to give to parents to claim their kids at the finish line based on the bib number. 

But oh well, it was mentioned that Kid Fun Runs were just getting started in the community again and this was by far the largest - over 400 kids ran in the two age groups. I'd still have London do it again if she wants. And she was so cute in her new running shoes and the running outfit my parents got her. 

Having my dad visit for the weekend was wonderful too. The girls loved having him. That Saturday, London had a birthday party to go to, so Cameron took her and ran grocery errands for the two hours. My dad, Sydney and I stayed behind. I headed into the garden to tackle some weeds and let Sydney get some special 1:1 time with her grandpa.

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  1. sounds like fun. love those pink sneakers