Mar 26, 2014

Red & Blue Dyes Strike Again!

In April 2011, I wrote about London's sensitivity to red and blue dyes and the angry diaper rash she would get as a result.

At the end of the post, I state that I hoped she would grow out of the sensitivity. The good news is that she seems to have done just this. 

But we recently discovered Sydney may have the very same sensitivity. She woke up with the rash last Wednesday morning. And by Wednesday evening, it was oh so angry. Sydney was doing the same things as London had when she had these rashes - fighting diaper changes at all costs and putting up a huge fight. 

Cameron and I both sat there thinking what could have caused it. The only thing I could pin point was a change from Children's Advil to generic children's ibuprofen. Sydney had her first two molars coming in and we have been giving her Advil at night to help her sleep. The two nights previous we had used the generic brand. The only reason we bought generic was because our grocery store had downsized such offerings and chose to not offer Advil Chidren's - regular Advil and Infants Advil was still available there.

London was just about this age when she developed the insensitivity. Had the change from brand to generic been enough to bring it out in Sydney? We're not 100% sure, but we're 95% sure this is what caused Sydney's rash. And therefore, like London, we will be regulating Sydney's artificial dye intake until she is about London's age now. Good thing we don't have Eggo Blueberry waffles to hide from her like we did with London. It took us months to consume those without her knowledge. 

And actually, ever since London's sensitivity developed we have been pretty mindful of avoiding artificial dyes outside of special occasions. Guess Sydney will just have to deal with yellow only for now.

But, just as a public service, I would like to share the video about Fake Blueberries, red and blue dyes and pre-packaged food here, again: 


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