Jan 28, 2014

Working on Weight Loss

What's up in your neck of the woods. We're working on getting into a nice little rhythm here. After this holiday season, Cameron and I both agreed it was time to get bcak on track with eating healthy and managing our weight. A few too many pounds had krept up on the scale for the both of us. 

Luckily, my work encourages participation in a Biggest Loser competition each year, that starts mid-January and runs for 9 weeks. There is a small fee to participate and any time you don't lose weight or gain weight from week to week, we owe a dollar for each pound gained. All this money is then donated to The Wounded Warrior Project. 

I participated last year and was doing ok, but then caught a stomach bug from Sydney, which resulted in me going downhill quickly. When I'm sick, my will power and eating habits going right out the window. Does this happen for any one else? I also think I just wasn't in the right place last year for the competition. I was just coming off maternity leave and lacking sleep thanks to Sydney. 

This year my head is more in the game. I am more motivated than ever. Cameron and I chose to follow the South Beach Diet plan, along with tracking our calorie intake via MyFitnessPal. We just completed the 1st week of phase 1, and both of us shed 5 lbs. My clothes already feel as if they are fitting better.

I'm also trying not to introduce too much at a time. Last week, the focus was on tracking our food, and cooking healthy meals. Luckily, I was already pretty good at devising a weekly meal plan & grocery list and we know we have grocery shopping to do on the weekends. This was enough, especially with how I felt by the end of the week. Sydney came down with a nasty cold two weeks ago and I caught a small one last week. I had that dry-throat feeling for 3 days and then had 2 sore throat days. Plus, I had no energy. But my motivation prevailed as did my will power. I stuck to the meal plan, even on the night Cameron wasn't home. 

Now, I have my energy back, though the dry throat is persistent. This week, I've focused on bring in some strength training to help tone my arms and core. And by the weekend I hope to having my running routine back. 

It's not easy though. The toughest thing Cameron and I have both found, after the initial feelings of starvation because it was obvious we were consuming too many calories, has been not taking a bite here or there of the kids food. 

We have settled into a nice routine though. First, we try and get a walk or run in before picking the girls up from daycare. Once we are all back at home, I work to fix the girls dinner. Someday, they will be included with ours, but Sydney is starving for food when we get home and bed isn't too far behind after she finished. 

Cameron sets to work making our dinner, while I deal with the girls, baths and dishes. Usually we are sitting down to dinner just as Sydney is down for bed. After eating, we spend time with London before she goes to bed. From there, I work on getting a few things done around the house. This week I am tackling our ironing pile. I have been ironing for 1/2 an hour each night. Then I do my strength training and core workouts before settling and relaxing each evening (usually, this involved my working on Sydney's Christmas stocking - I'm determined to have it complete by December but feel I have a long way to go still!).

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