Jan 15, 2014

Virtual Tour: Our Old House

We moved over 3 months ago and I never did do a final house tour of our old house and I still need to provide you with a virtual house tour of the new house. So, let's take a look back and say goodbye to the old house, before we look forward. Here is most of it in it's staged glory. I wasn't able to get all rooms in their staged glory before we packed, including Cameron's office and the kitchen so you'll have to settled for some older pictures there. Apparently with Cameron's office we never did a "Finished" photo. 

The Front
The Front at Move-in
And Front when we were ready to sell

Entering through the front door, you first arrived at Cameron's office, an addition we added when we found out we were expecting Sydney.

The walls painted but no crown molding
The doors were eventually painted white, too.
Since it was Cameron's office we installed a hunter green colored carpet. Because it was a small enough room, we were able to find a remnant at the carpet store at a reduced price so the carpet ended up being an upgrade - it was nice and soft and cushy. I loved walking barefoot in this room.
 From Cameron's office, continuing toward the backdoor, you came to the Powder room

Followed by the Kitchen (again, I didn't get any staged pictures, so there isn't any paint on the walls and some of the best photos I have are from when we moved in!)

and Family room


Up the stairs (just after Cameron's office) you entered into the Loft

And continuing clockwise from the loft and stair landing, the girl's bathroom

London's Room

Sydney's Room

Master Bedroom

A favorite of this room was the view out onto the fields behind the fence

And the two rooms I miss the most from the old house, the Master Bathroom and...

Totally miss this tub!

the Master Closet!

Laundry Room

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