Jan 16, 2014

Virtual Tour: Our New Home

And now let the fun begin - here are all the "before" shots of our new home: 

Front Yard - Looking toward the house

 Front Yard - Looking Toward the Street

Front Entrance

Entering the front door, again, you come upon Cameron's office immediately

Continuing on down the hall, you spill into the kitchen

Dining room

And family room

Backyard - Looking Out

I plan to paint this shed to look like a barn - we have even bought all the paint for it! We originally thought we would turn it into a chicken coop but Cameron is going to build one instead and we'll store tools and feed in here, once we rid it of spiders as best we can and add a window.

Backyard - Looking toward the house
Photo bombed by the dogs - I'm lucky they didn't end up in all the backyard shots.


  Go around the closet that separates the front bedroom and entry way from the rest of the house and you come upon Sydney's room

London's Room

Master bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

Girls' Bathroom

The house came with quite a selection on curtains, many which appeared to be fabric from the 70s! Sadly, those such curtains are still up in the master bedroom!

Otherwise, the house already looks quite different with our furniture in the house and we've made a few improvements already. 

In the master bathroom, we have replaced the straight curtain rod with a curved one so that we don't feel so enclosed when showering, and we've replaced the toilets in both bathrooms. The old ones were too short and had a round bowl. We quickly realized we're oval-shaped bowl people.

In the backyard we have added some fencing to prevent the dogs from going from the backyard to the front yard and the road. This fence is only temporary. Cameron is in the process of building a much more permanent dog pen, given Gibson's propensity to dig (though we think part of this is because he is going after gophers; we have a gopher problem). 

And in the laundry room we have added some shelves to make it more functional for our laundry storage needs. 

There's so much we want to do inside and out, but we definitely need to pace ourselves  as money is always something we have to be mindful of and we don't want to burn out either. We learned that the hard way just getting the old house ready for selling - at the time I didn't think I would want to paint another wall for at least another year. But I have to admit, I'm starting to get the itch in the new house already.My first goal in this house is to get the entry way painted and decorated. That could take me all of 2014 given all the other projects I have to work on as well.


  1. wow.. look at all the potential and all the land! Can't wait to see what you guys do with the place.

    1. Thanks. Definitely a lot of potential. But it will be slooow going for sure. Glad to have you following along.

  2. Congratulations! That is an AWESOME house. (Soooo much nicer than ours was when we bought!) :) I love the living room layout. You have enough walls for the furniture and TV, without having to put the TV over the mantel. Yay for mantels!

    1. Thanks for stopping in Kelly. Funny mention on the mantel as this is one thing that drives us nuts. I at least want to paint it - along with all the other plain wood in our house (i.e Kitchen cabinets) but we are also afraid to put too much on it. It's not too sturdy from what we can tell and we can't reinforce it since the stone around the fireplace was actually put on later (with cement!) over the thing! It was a home DIY that looked ok from afar but was a fail when you inspect it. Luckily, we had nothing to do with it. Love your blog by the way!