Jan 9, 2014

Our First Holiday Performance

The week before Christmas, London's Daycare Class put on a performance for the parents. I left work a little early so Cameron and I could take in our first Holiday performance with one of our girls in it. We made it just in time. I was ready with my cell phone to take video, while Cameron was ready with the camera for still shots. And then something funny happened. During both short poems, a kid would step in front of London almost blocking her from view of our cameras. We even moved in between poems!

If you want to see the video, you can see if here

And some pictures: 

After the performance, the kids each got to pick a wrapped book for the book exchange. London picked the book we had wrapped and brought in! But she was still quite excited about it and all the books go into the class library. You can see her excitement in these photos: 

And one last picture from when we were in the class, enjoying cookies and Apple Juice after the performance and book exchange: 

On the board about learning the numbers 1 through 20, was London's name with the number 5. Surprise, surprise. See, 5 is London's favorite number. Whenever you ask her how many of something, say chicken nuggets, she wants, the answer is always 5. And if you give her more or less she will get upset at you.

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