Jan 30, 2014

Lost Energy - Again!

I wrote Tuesday's post last week - the day my energy literally felt like it had come back. Too bad it didn't last. By Friday I was dragging, again, and almost worse than before. Then came a cough. I was up all last Friday night with it, so running didn't happen Saturday morning as planned. 

I barely made it through the Sacramento Home & Landscape show that day - and returned home to take a 2 hour nap. Basically, I sleep hard but still wake up exhausted. It's really irritating me now, so I went to the doctor Tuesday and had blood drawn Wednesday in hopes we can find out why. 

The cough is allergy-related. With how dry and unseasonably warm it has been, allergy season has begin in Northern California early - super early. We can only hope that the rain that started yesterday continues for a few more days and brings even more storms our way, behind it. Honestly, please pray for rain in California. Our food supply (& prices) depends on it.Any how, the cough has already been greatly reduced by the use of a new inhaler. 

Let's just hope the blood work reveals why my energy levels are so low and that there is an easy fix to the issue. I can't stand it right now. All my doctor can tell me right now is to take it easy - and when I do rest, I have a little more energy the next day, which results in me going overboard in trying to get things done, creating a vicious cycle for myself. Ugh!

The good news is I have stayed motivated and dedicated to our meal plan and tracking my caloric intake. My exercise habits not so much, but a little is better than none, right? I did lose over 1/2 a lb last week too, which is a healthy direction.

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