Nov 20, 2013

Sydney's 1 Year Stats!

Sydney's 1 year Stats are a little late. With the change in doctors and the New Patient visit with our new doctor only being a few weeks before her 1st birthday, we actually had to delay her 1 year Well Baby check up. This was mainly due to the fact that Sydney got the first of two flu shots at that New Patient Visit, and we didn't want to have to have two appointments within weeks of each other for the Well Baby visit and the 2nd flu shot. Since this was her first time getting the flu shot, Sydney needed to get two.

So, on Tuesday, November 12, we went in for both visits at once. Sydney did great, showing off both her babbling skills and her ability to stand up. She decided not to show off how she can take a few steps. Sydney still isn't full blown walking, but she is standing up a lot more than she used to and has taken up to 6 steps at a time. I'm sure that with in the month she'll be cruising on two feet consistently. She is just like London here - why walk when you can get there so much more quickly crawling? And she is a speedy crawler. 

The doctor said Sydney looked great and reported that she was getting in some pre-molars. No wonder the kid can't stop drooling. Any hoo, here is where she stands: 

Head Circumference: 43 3/4 CM (17 1/4")
Weight: 22 lbs 8.5 oz (80-85th percentile)
Height: 29 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

And even though Sydney's ATypical Kawasaki diagnoses and treatment will prevent her from receiving Live-strain immunizations for a year (think MMR and Chicken Pox), she still got poked a bit - 4 total, 2 in each leg. It's almost good she couldn't get the MMR or that would have been 5! Sydney did not like these pokes at all, though she didn't fight them and just cried for a while before falling asleep in car on our way to daycare. Sydney doesn't go back for 3 months now and won't get any shots for 6 months!

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