Nov 12, 2013

My Little Decorator

Cameron says I'm corrupting London. I say I'm just trying to get her interested in the holidays. And since we didn't get to decorate the house for Halloween, I was sure as heck going to make sure that it was decorated for Fall. And to encourage London's good behavior at school, I kept telling her she could help me when the time came. It helps that London loves to help. Her month-end report from her teachers said she was one of the best cleaner uppers and helpers in the class. That's my girl!

The day to decorate finally made it's availability last Tuesday night. We only have two bins of Fall Decor and with London's help, it went pretty quickly. I did what I could to steer her in the right direction for most items, after she tried to put all my ceramic pumpkins under the wine glasses cupboard. But some things she knew exactly where she wanted them to go, like a Fall-dressed giant mouse my mom passed down to us. London was hell bent on making sure that Mouse was in her bathroom. We even had to put away the Giant rubber Ducky and Bubbles from Sydney's birthday away while the Mouse graces our house. 

All in all, London did a pretty good job. And as an extra reward, as long as she was good at school on Wednesday, we would go to Michael's to pick out some faux food and flower-type items for our Cornucopia. I'd bought it on discount years ago and never had gotten around to filling it. I figured this was as good a year as ever and I knew London would enjoy the activity. 

Wednesday was another good day at school so we all climbed in the car and headed to Michael's at pick up time. At the store, we let London look at the clearance items and then pull along the basket on wheels with all the items we had selected out there. Then we went in search of faux food. And I found a few Fall-type items, but when London saw the back of mixed fruit, she was also hell bent on getting those faux foods. Even Cameron tried to steer her away from them but with no luck. It probably would have helped to go closer to the end of October when the store still had its Fall decor out - 6 days into November and it was slim pickings, making room for all the Christmas decor and crafts. 

London even insisted on carrying the bags to car, and then into the house. And before I could stop her she was pulling each item out of the bags and placing them in the cornucopia, before I could get the tags off. She did a descent job filling it too. Of course, after she went to bed, I pulled it all out and removed the tags, but I didn't get around to arranging it after she went to bed until Thursday night. 

Just wait for Christmas London! Decorating the tree will be a lot of fun, I can tell. And yes, in a way, Cameron is right, I am corrupting her...he knows its all in good fun and as long as his little girl enjoys it even he will encourage it to some extent, especially if it means good reports at the end of each school day. 

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