Nov 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween was one of the best yet since having the girls. We shopped early this year for London's costume with the anticipation of the move. And Costco had some great options. London's selection? Rapunzel. The costume kit, all for $18.99, included a full, long blonde wig! And London got to wear it twice, since the new daycare had a Harvest Festival the Friday before Halloween that invited all the kids to dress up. 

The daycare also asked that we not dress the kids up on Halloween, which was fine by me. In the years that London has dressed up on Halloween for daycare I have had to rush home to clean it (we are talking the need for a full washer and dryer cycle)  before Trick or Treating - time we didn't have this year.

Since Sydney can't walk or eat candy, we chose to not get her a costume this year, but we did dress her in a festive shirt and pajama pants. Given she would be up late, it would help to be ready for bed when we did return home. 
Someone really enjoyed staying up past her bedtime!

With no new neighborhood to trick or treat in, we made arrangements to meet up with London's friend Fiona in our old neighborhood. I'm so glad we did. First, we had a few things to drop off at the old house (a garage door opener I accidentally packed and a few door stops I had forgotten were in a vase). We got to chat with the new owners a little, who are so happy with our old house and very thankful toward us. 

And Second, this was the first year London and Fiona really grasped what Halloween and Trick or Treating was all about. It was a riot to watch them run door to door. Fiona's dad, Paul, and I worked with the girls on recognizing that a house with porch lights on meant someone was home and giving out candy while no porch lights meant no candy. London really had that idea down by the end of the night. 
Doesn't she look like E.T. from behind?

We also worked on making sure the girls first said Trick or Treat and then Thank you.

We did have a few little mishaps along the way. Once, London's wig fell off which brought her to tears and made her decide to ditch it for the rest of the evening. Fiona tripped at one point and lost some candy from her pumpkin. London was looking out for her though, and made sure Fiona didn't lose one piece of precious candy. 

And, a animatronic pumpkin that made noise as you walked up to it was misplaced and caused London to miss a step and fall down. Of course, it wasn't until we had finished Trick or Treating for the night and made our way to Matt & Lynde's that London had time to notice the pain or blood. Her little hand was pretty scraped up and we went through some band aids that night and Friday.

All in all, Halloween was a huge success and the next few years with the girls should be a blast. We know Sydney will be ready to go next year, so we made sure to buy her Trick or Treat pumpkin at Target the Friday after Halloween.

We did fail on the picture taking this year - my phone was the only one we managed to use for pictures. Next year, with both kids walking, we should be better prepared. Sorry for the blurriness.

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