Nov 19, 2013

2013 Bishop's Pumpkin Patch


While Sydney had many firsts in the first few months of her life (First Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) they didn't include her first trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch. And now she is at a fun age to enjoy a first, so on a Sunday in October, a week before her birthday, we met up with our friends the McGraths and Tarrs and took in Bishop's Pumpkin Patch as much as we could. Unfortunately, we could only visit for an hour before we had to head up to Chico for our nephew's birthday party. Which meant we missed the Pig Races for the first time in 5 years!

Of course, we made it out to the Giant Pumpkin patch for some pictures. And this year, the pumpkin we took the pictures with, went home with us. We were expecting it to cost a small fortune, but it was only $14! We're going to try to save the seeds from it and grow some of our own next year. 

Sadly, they were out of my white pumpkins for the season already. So no white pumpkin for me this year. Cameron promises me we can grow some next year. I'm not sure we'll have the space ; ) Actually I am quite excited for next year as I think we may need to try and grow some decorative varieties along with the good old jack-o-lantern variety. We didn't even carve pumpkins this year, given we weren't home for Halloween and weren't going to have trick or treaters even if we were. 

I'm sure as the girls get older, we will carve some, just to say we did. Any how, back at Bishop's, after Giant Pumpkin photos we headed to the petting zoo. Problem was, it wasn't a petting zoo any longer. You could feed the goats but from outside the pen. I guess someone got bit by accident one to many times. Shame of the parents I say - they should teach their kids that when feeding an animal you hold the food out on a flat palm. I made sure I worked on this with London after paying the $2 for a cup of food. 

We did have fun looking at all the animals and trying to decide what we would like to have. I still think we will start with Chickens, probably in the spring. 

Here are some more pics from our visit: 

We're having a hard time getting London to smile for pictures these days
On this day she wanted to play with the pumpkin more
Finally, a smile - but no pumpkin
This is Sydney's favorite place to take in new surroundings
All the kids together
I Love Sydney's face here
Sydney with Auntie Kim
Sydney looking to pull London's hair atop her favorite perch
She was almost successful too

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