Aug 29, 2013

Ghost Stories

Cameron and I are happy to report that our new house is Ghost-free. You may be thinking we're a little odd in declaring this, but for us it was a huge relief. The funny part is, with this being a relatively new home (built in 2006) there really shouldn't be any concern, except that when we went to look at it originally, the sellers' were the ones to actually show us the house. During the showing, the wife made mention of why they were selling. See, her mother, father and brother had been living in the house. First, her brother passed, then shortly after, her mother so now her father had moved into an assisted living facility. All were on the older end of the living spectrum. At the time, it didn't occur to us to ask how or where the brother or mother passed.

Until last night.

Last night I asked Cameron that if someone did, in fact, die in the house, does it have to be disclosed or only if it was a murder. He said it had to be disclosed if someone died, murder or not. And then we both got to wondering about the mother and brother. How had they died, was it in the house and was it peaceful or not? Cameron quickly shot an email off to our realtor. This morning, Cameron sent me a text saying the house was Ghost-free.

Cameron and I were never huge believers in Ghosts before. I believed in a kind of energy but not actual ghosts. That is, until we lived in a rental house in Fremont. The house was built in the 1960s and had been through several owners. Of course, as renters, it was never disclosed to us whether someone had passed in the house or not. But after living there, we're pretty sure someone passed and not in a pleasant, peaceful way. And this ghost had a thing against black cats. The evidence was strongest when we first moved in.

I had a black cat name Lucifer, aka Louie when we first moved into the house. He actually would only be there for about 2 weeks before he ran away and I'm pretty sure he ran away because of the ghost. Because Cameron had Spaz, our still-living bearded dragon, located in the dining room, Louie had to be shut in the spare bedroom when we weren't home or when we were sleeping and Louie was being too much of a pest to be in there with us (he got his name for a reason, trust me, though he was also a very sweet and beautiful cat once he grew up some). Almost immediately, every time I would go into the spare bedroom to let him out into the rest of the house, he would be no where in the room. The first time this happened, I freaked out, until I heard him meow from the closet. I quickly learned to just open the closet - he would get stuck in there each time. The thing was, we could see him sliding the door open to get in, but how did it get shut behind him each time after? This never happened to Jake and Kelsey even once while they lived there and were kept in that room.

My Louie

Here are some other reasons we became believers in Ghosts. Over the two years we lived there, we would each would hear footsteps in the house when home alone and not walking around ourselves. This would happen especially when I was home alone laying in bed. Lights would randomly get turned on in the middle of the night. I even had doors slam shut when not a single window was open.

It definitely was creepy, but we after a while we could tolerate it for the most part. I never did sleep well when Cameron wasn't home at night - I was known to take two nighttime Advil tablets when Cameron was gone several nights in a row to try and get a little extra sleep than usual when he was gone for just one night.

So whether or not you're a believer of ghosts, we are and we are relieved to find out that neither the mother nor the brother of the sellers' family actually passed in our new home.

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