Aug 2, 2013

5 Years of Wedded Bliss

Today is Cameron's and my 5th anniversary. And guess where I am - in Vegas - with my girlfriends. Odd, considering Vegas is where Cameron proposed! But he blessed my going on this trip, though he finally admitted he would have preferred it be a different weekend. We're going to try and celebrate next weekend and he gave me my anniversary gift back in May as a Birthday/Mother's Day/Anniversary Gift. As it should be, given the amount he spent on having this custom made: 

Yep - he bought me the wedding band I had wanted but didn't get originally (or even have on our wedding day) thanks to a pushy sales lady. Oddly, I would have spent more had she listened to what I wanted - she kept telling me to get a plain band versus having stones in it as she said it would take away from my engagement ring. 

After actually ordering what she recommended, I ended up hating my decision by the end of the day while we picked out Cameron's wedding band and so I called and spoke to the actual jeweler the next day, describing on the phone, what I wanted. Big mistake as what I described was not what I got. But then we made the mistake of paying for the band before seeing it. I didn't even get the wedding band until three weeks after our wedding. Since we had already put a deposit down I felt I had to accept it, even though as soon as I saw it I knew I didn't like it. Plus it was nothing along the lines of what I had described or had imagined in my head. For one it had filigree on it - I never asked for such and would have said I didn't want it had I been asked. Plus, where the band should have been thick it was thin and where it was thick should have been thin. Still, it took me a good year or two to say anything about how much a disliked it - it took a long time after London was born for me to even wear it again and I never put it back on after Sydney. 

Cameron and I found a new jeweler to discuss what I wanted in person in Old Town Sac. If you're in need of a great jeweler in Sacramento, please consider Skalet Family Jewelers! Every time I look down at my rings now, I get a huge smile and think how much my husband spoils and loves me. In case you're wondering, we are both born in May, and love emeralds (our birthstone), so that's why I have them in my rings. Cameron had taken me into enough jewelry stores before we ever talked marriage to know what I liked in engagement rings. Actually, our entire engagement story is one I realize I have never shared here, and it's actually kind of funny and includes some great pics! Stay tuned!

But I digress - mainly I want to wish my wonderful husband a happy 5th anniversary and thank him for understanding how much I need this weekend with my girl friends. I love you!

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