Jul 16, 2013

Sydney: 8 & 9 Months Old

I'm a little late on posting Sydney's 8 month stats from the doctor, so I'm combining that post with her 9 month post - given she will be 9 months next week! Hard to believe. She is growing up so fast! Before we know it, she will be a year - at least we are on the ball and have begun the beginning stages of planning. 

Sydney and London had a joint check-up with the doctor at the end of June, so here are Sydney's current stats: 

Height: 28 inches (75-80 percentile)
Weight: 19 1/4 lbs (75 percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 3/4" (25 percentile)

At the time of this appointment, Sydney still wasn't crawling or eating solid foods. She was army crawling/pulling herself around and she could get herself around pretty well - well enough to get to the toys bins in the family room and empty the two bottom rows! 

Then on the evening of July 3 Sydney took her first few crawling steps! She had decided she needed extra mommy and daddy time that evening so she had woken up after London was put to bed. It was great as Cameron and I both got to witness the moment together and we cheered her on. Of course, as soon as we cheered her, she sat up and clapped. She loves, and I mean Loves to clap. 

By the end of July 4, she was a pro at crawling and had even made it down the hallway before we could stop her during a conversation. To say baby gates are back in full effect is an understatement. It doesn't help that Sydney is pretty quite - as my dad says, she will be able to get into trouble quickly and easily without us knowing she's so quiet. London was definitely not like this. So far though, with her new found freedom, Sydney uses it to get into the toys more quickly or to crawl into the kitchen to be with us or watch the dogs play outside. 

And her teachers at daycare were so excited to see the crawling on July 5th. Now she's cruising the play room there with ease!

And since then we have worked hard (her teachers, that is) in getting Sydney to transition to solid foods. So far, we have discovered that she doesn't care for the rice cereal so we now give her foods straight. She likes green beans, bananas, apples and squash but has turned her nose up to sweet potatoes every time - so her daddy's daughter. We need to make a run to the store soon to get more of the liked foods and get some new ones to try!

Sydney's just about outgrown the 9-12 month clothing. I need to find some time this week to go through her current clothes and get the bin with 12-18 month clothing out and ready for her. 

No teeth yet. She's always been a big drooler and she has had random mild fevers for the past several months so I have no clue when one might come in. Maybe by 10 months we'll see one. I fear the stories I have heard of kids not getting any until they are 1 year old and then all over them coming in at rapid fire. That just sounds like a case of constantly cranky baby. 

We can't complain too much though. Sydney is such a happy, mild tempered baby. The teachers at her school all love her and her big smiles. She only gets upset when she is hungry or tired. They've had so much worse and current have a few on their hands right now that Sydney is a breath of fresh air in a way. When she was out with her diaper rash, they missed her dearly - every one would come running when we would bring her in to visit when we would be picking up London.

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