Jul 1, 2013

Father's Day Photo Shoot

I've been dying to share these photos from a photo shoot I had done of the girls as a surprise for Father's Day for Cameron. But when I went to upload the photos from the hi-res disk I purchased I discovered the disc wasn't there. Finally made it over to the studio yesterday to get it!

This is our absolute favorite - between Giants Torture and how it captures real life, it's perfect. Cameron is getting a mouse pad on this one!

This dress was worn by my mom, myself and London. We have pictures of London and me in it, and I hope to find one of my mom in it someday.
I consider this London's 3-Year Old Portrait
This is getting framed and put up in my office soon!
Sydney wasn't a fan of the "pop" of the flash and had a melt down. I jumped in to calm her down to get a few more good shots

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