Jul 9, 2013

4th of July

Sydney on her 1st 4th of July - Guess who's crawling!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We hosted a BBQ for several families in our neighborhood. For the most part the day leading up to the party was pretty lazy. I did finish a few festive crafts to decorate the house: 

A soup can, branches, paper stars, flags and a star garland acted as the table center piece. It's still there - I think I may leave it through Labor Day. Inspiration for this project came from here. 

I also wanted to adorn our door with a festive wreath and originally wanted to make a wreath like this one.  But I couldn't find the Deco Mesh at Joanns or Michaels - only pre-made wreathes using it. You'd think they would sell all materials used to make pre-made items, but I had no luck located the mesh. So I bought the next best material - Tulle. And after a quick pinterest search, found this inspiration.

Included in the neighbors attending were London's friends Fiona and Camila. All 3 are 3 years old and separated by a month or two. Fiona was born in April, Camila in May and London in June. The 3 of them get along great so its exciting to envision what the future holds for the threesome in terms of friendship. I was able to grab a few cute shots of the three of them as we started fireworks in the front yard. That was until London decided these tame fireworks were too loud and headed back inside. She's suddenly finding things too loud, including toilets. I have to warn her when I am about to flush one!

And since these gals would be in attendance I put together a few goody bags. Gotta love the Dollar Tree, where I picked up some patriotic rubber duckies, Pop its (the little balls you throw at the ground to create a "pop" sound), party poppers (that London insists on having us pop then saying are too loud after the spiraled paper is all over the floor), glow bracelets and some wands that I made, based on inspiration from here. This one is London's: 

I made each handle a different color - one red, one blue and one white. London loves it and has played with it every day since the 4th!

Due to other plans as well as the heat, no one showed up until 7:30 PM for the party. Which was quite fine with us as we just sat and relaxed. Cameron had been up at his mom's earlier in the day pressure washing her house in anticipation of us painting it over the next few days. 

All our party guests were quite pleased to find we had moved the party inside when they did arrive. We were dealing with 103 to 111 degree temps for the last week without cool downs in the evening. Of course the heat spell broke the very next day! Oh well. Fun was had by all and we enjoyed getting to know our neighbors even better over the course of the evening. The fun ended just after 10:30 PM and I think London was sound asleep by 10:35!

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