Jun 13, 2013

Welcome Home Gibson!

Cameron didn't go to the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary with us Saturday morning because he was busy driving and picking up the newest member of our family! Gibson arrived in our home around 1 PM on Saturday. 

He is too cute for words. Tulley already seems to be enjoying having another dog in the house again and one that wants to play with her. Tulley had actually battled some depression last year after seeing her puppies disappear and then having Mel Mels leave and never come back. She has slowly bounced back and since Gibson has arrived, the old Tulley is really coming back to us. Tulley does not, however, enjoy the change in routine as she now is sleeping in the bathroom at night with Gibbs and getting locked in there with him during the work day. Cameron has reported he hears them play and then calm down for naps throughout the day and we have both caught them cuddling together on one bed during the night. Ok, maybe its more Gibbs cuddling up to Tulley, but she doesn't get up and walk to the other bed either.

Currently, Gibbs has short bursts of energy (growing more in length each day). He'll play for about 10-20 minutes and then lay under the kitchen table for a 1/2 hour nap. He's also a great cuddler and if you sit on the floor will crawl into your lap or behind you to take a nap. 

He's definitely going through some adjustments and hates to be left alone. Sunday when I went to shower, we put him up inside the kid gate (the one designed to go around a Christmas tree)  downstairs in the kitchen. I could hear him whimpering as soon as I got out. Definitely a habit we will need to break him of or our neighbors will hate us. 

London loves to have him chase her - another habit we want to break with both of them. She doesn't realize he's going to grow quickly and soon overpower her. Gibbs is, however, quite gentle with Sydney. While he likes to nibble the rest of us, he just licks her when he gets the small window of opportunity. Sydney loves it and squeals when both dogs are around her.

I don't know that Kelsey has even acknowledged the new addition while Jake and Gibbs have had a few confrontations. One time Gibbs was romping back into the house just as Jake passed by so Gibbs went chasing after him. Jake quickly put Gibbs in his place, that's for sure. He's been a bit hesitant around Jake since and was a shaking wreck for about 10 minutes after the incident.No blood was drawn, thankfully.

I think we have our full house finally - 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 kids and a lizard. Then again, only time will tell. We did have the tadpoles, and a frog, briefly.

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