Jun 26, 2013

The Worst Diaper Rash Ever!

Poor Sydney. She's had a rough start in her short 8 months of life. First, she developed a cold within her first month. She's had the same yucky stomach bug twice. And a cough that lasted from February to June. The antibiotics that finally cured that cough are likely the culprit behind her latest health issue - SEVERE DIAPER RASH and the diarrhea that caused the rash. Sorry to be gross, but these are the realities in our life these days and not all times are fun and happy in our household.

This last week has been exhausting and one of the most challenging weeks I have experienced in my short time of being a mother. The rash developed quickly and progressively worse within hours. Last Monday the area was just a little red and by Tuesday there were visible sores.

I spent the last week at home with Sydney, taking her off and putting her back on formula trying to alleviate the diarrhea. We've spent countless hours in the bathroom playing in baking soda baths to sooth the area as the rash was so bad she couldn't be wiped and the baking soda would counteract the acid in the diarrhea. We have floated back and forth between Desitin, Desitin Maximum Strength and Gold Bond Medicated Powder in hopes of healing and protecting the rash from further damage. All have helped a little, but we're still dealing with a bad rash and the diarrhea.  

And figuring out the initial cause has been a challenge. At first the Rotovirus was suspected, but now we suspect the antibiotics that cured the cough. Sydney was on them for a day shy of 3 weeks. Most likely, the antibiotics while wiping out whatever was causing the cough, also wiped out the good bacteria in her intestines, resulting in a lactose and sugar intolerant baby. For the most part, Sydney is her usual, happy self, until she has a dirty diaper. Then the blood-curdling screams start.

At the beginning, this could be every hour, sometimes twice. Now, they are about every 2-3 hours. The pain Sydney must be experiencing has to be excruciating as she can get really worked up and almost inconsolable even after she has been cleaned up. I've never felt more helpless than when she was are her worst with this.

We've started giving her Probiotics in her bottles in hopes that the good bacteria can develop back more quickly. Wish us luck! Hopefully by the weekend we have Sydney back to her happy go lucky self except when she is hungry. 


  1. Josh got a really bad rash when he was small like that and finally the only thing that helped is when we switched to A&E Ointment. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! We do have the A&E at home, though I haven't tried it for the rash - we used to use it on Syd's neck before she could lift her head fully to act as a barrier from crud building up there - even with a bath every day she somehow had toe-jam like build up in her neck folds! Luckily, her rash is so much better than it was with the use of Desitin and Gold Bonds as well as a baking soda bath every day.

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