Jun 12, 2013

The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

I don't purchase Group Ons often. But one recently caught my eye - one to get admission for 4 people 1/2 off at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary. Normally, I wouldn't have bothered but with my parents in town for London's birthday and a desire to do something fun with them and the girls on Saturday before the big party on Sunday, it sounded like a good opportunity. Originally we had discussed going to the Sac Zoo. But we've all been there before and of course will go again. But none of us had  been to the Folsom Zoo and this one offered a different experience and different animals. Given we weren't sure what we were in for, getting half of admission made sense, in case it disappointed us. 

So Saturday morning we headed out. And it did not disappoint - it was fantastic. It felt smaller than the Sac Zoo and did provide a lot of shade. Unfortunately for us, Saturday brought recording breaking heat and while we had arrived in the AM, we only lasted about an hour before all of us were worn out and dripping in sweat. Even London lost all her endless energy and fell asleep in the car at 11 AM. These days we're lucky if she goes down for a nap by 1 PM on the weekends! Because our time there was so short, due to the weather, I was glad to have saved on the admission.

We will definitely be going back, with Cameron, as he was busy that morning, but  definitely on a cooler day. We didn't see as many animals as I expect, but I think this was due to the heat too. We did see plenty of peacocks - up close and personal. I could have touched one if I tried. About every 15 minutes it seemed, the male peacocks would start calling out, making me feel like I was in the jungle itself! Sadly, I failed at pictures that day as none seemed to be in focus or good shots. Oh well, I tried. 

We also saw black bears, mountain lions (whose heads seemed small for their bodies), Golden Eagles (huge birds) and a wolf or wolf hybrid. I failed to take note on the sign as it looked a lot like our Mel Mels, and solidified our thoughts that she had some wolf in her. When London saw the wolf she immediately said Mel Mels and even asked when Mel Mels was going to wake up. I tried to explain that Mel Mels type of sleeping means that she won't wake up. Not looking forward to the day I have to truly explain death to either of the girls. 

 Sydney was pushed along in the stroller and quickly decided she didn't like her hat, throwing a fit when I tried to put it back on her toward the end of the visit. It didn't help she was roasting in the seat. Even when I was carrying her around she felt sweaty and warm - I know I was - at one point I was dripping sweat. Sydney wasn't too interested in the animals, probably for lack of movement by them and just her age.  

We grabbed some drive-thru McDonalds on the way home, with the car saying it was 111 degrees outside, and enjoyed lunch and the rest of the day in the AC!

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