Jun 27, 2013

A Disaster of a Vacation

You know those funny movies about family vacations where everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? National Lampoon's Vacation comes to mind. Cameron and I have decided, based on events from this last weekend, that these movies exist because vacations like these actually happen - the movies just dramatize and exaggerate it all to make it funny. That's because we had one of those vacations - in less than 36 hours. 

The plan was to go to Fort Bragg for the weekend. Cameron would be meeting up to go abalone diving, but outside of that activity we would have a nice family vacation. Or so we thought. Sydney's diaper rash should have been enough of a reason to stay home and send Cameron along on his own. But Thursday night had been a good night and Sydney seemed so much better on Friday. Maybe that was just a false hope on Cameron and my part since it has been almost 2 years since we last visited Fort Bragg, a place we can see ourselves retiring to. We also should have remembered that last visit a little more clearly before we loaded the truck up with the two kids, the two dogs and all our gear. 

We were able to leave earlier than expected given my staying home with Sydney and London for the day. And from the time we arrived, until the time we left (Saturday evening versus Sunday afternoon), all that could go wrong, did go wrong. If you don't want to read all the "highlights" below, let's just say it started and ended in puke. 

Here's how the next 36 hours played out:
  • Gibson got car sick on the way there - needing a bath as soon as we arrived
  • London had too much energy to burn as soon as we arrived and started to act out to the point that we had to ground her the rest of Friday evening (she wasn't allowed to see Grammy, Poppi and Connor who had met up with us in Fort Bragg)
  • Sydney only slept in 1- to1-1/2-hour intervals, crying in between each session because she was so tired or in pain from the diaper rash - we also decided she's not a fan of the portable crib
  • Our favorite place to eat, the North Coast Brewery's Tap Room completely revamped their menu offerings much to our disappointment - we will never go back
  • Sydney was so overly tired but would not go to sleep at that dinner, resulting in us passing her around from person to person in order to eat our disappointing meal
  • London puked all over herself and car seat when we were an hour from home late Saturday night - she'd puked on the way home during our last trip too! Should have given her the Dramamine we had bought and brought along - we remembered it for the trip to Fort Bragg
On the bright side, Cameron did enjoy his time diving, chopping it up to a good learning experience, since this was his first time and he did bring home one abalone. He would have liked to have come home with two daily limits, a total of 6, as he was supposed to go again Sunday morning but dinner Saturday night was the last straw for both of us so we decided to give up and head home immediately. 

And I actually enjoyed the time in the hotel room with the girls Saturday morning while Cameron was diving. I was able to get Sydney down for a solid nap mid-morning and it turned out to a beautiful, sunny day, so I opened up the back sliding door and sat in the sun while London romped around in the grass and played with the kids in the room next door to us. And thankfully, the whole family reported that they never heard Sydney throughout Friday night. I still think they were just being nice. Plus, I got some good bonding time in with Gibson. Whenever I'd let him out to play and go potty, he never strayed far and loved coming and plopping down in my lap. 

Tulley was in heaven Friday night, as Gibson slept in the crate while she was on the bed with us. Since Gibb's arrival, she's been stuck in the bathroom with him and she's been none too happy, even with how snuggly he is with her. 

And we did make it to Glass Beach to take a family picture like we always do - of course we forgot the camera back at the hotel so my smartphone had to do, and you can't see Cameron's face very well due to the position of the sun at that time of day and him not taking off or turning around his hat - we weren't thinking in those terms at the moment, just trying to make sure we had captured Sydney's first trip to Glass Beach as we did with London and on our 1st Anniversary. 

We've decided we won't be taking any family vacations again until both girls can go down when we want them too with little fuss and can sleep through the night. Our next trip is definitely a ways off from now. We do hope the girls can get to this point in time to take them to Disneyland before Sydney turns 2.

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