May 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (April 27/28) : A Trip to the ER

Our weekend, two weekends ago, got off to en expensive start with a trip to the ER for London. When we picked her up from daycare Friday afternoon, she was complaining of pain in her knee but she wasn't limping or anything. We had some errands to run and headed straight out. By the time we had finished she was slow in walking and limping a little. Mainly, London refused to walk and we were carrying her about. By the time she was done with dinner and went to stand on her leg, she couldn't put any weight on it and was in tears! She said she had fallen at school. Suddenly, Cameron and I were afraid she had a fracture. 

Off Cameron whisked London to the ER for X-rays. Nothing showed up on them, but after a tech came in to wrap London's knee in an Ace bandage, and she still couldn't bear to put any weight on it, the doctor said there could be concern for a micro-fracture or a tear in cartilage which wouldn't show up except on an MRI. If London couldn't walk on it Saturday morning, he suggested we call our doctor and consider an MRI. For now, London was to keep the Ace bandage on, and we were to give her Advil and ice the area. 

Saturday morning came and London seemed to being doing fine. Maybe we should have waited the night to see how she was Saturday morning, but as the doctor said we were in a lose/lose situation any way cause if she was still unable to walk on it in the morning, we would have felt worse for not getting her in Friday night. 

We made sure London laid low all day Saturday, evening canceling a playdate just to be on  the safe side. It must have just been a mild sprain that was at its worse Friday night. By Sunday, we couldn't keep London from expending her normal amounts of energy - we even took her for a tricycle ride to expend what she had pent up!

Other than that, we spent that weekend  working on projects around the house.

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