May 15, 2013

We have a Frog!

Or Baby Frog as London called it this morning when Cameron showed it to her. Yes, one of our little tadpoles has grown all four legs and lost it's tail to become a genuine frog. It's crazy how tiny this little guy is - maybe the size of a thumbnail. And of course, our interest in the tank has sparked interest in the tank by Jake. That troublemaker. Hopefully he doesn't figure out how to get in and the little frog doesn't figure out how to get out before we release him - which will be tonight if Cameron hasn't already done it. Many of the other tadpoles look like they just need one more leg to generate before they can loose their tails as well. You can almost see the leg trying to pop through their skin. We may have to get some fish once we don't have tadpoles to watch. London loves climbing up a stool and peering in almost daily. 

We even took some tadpoles to her school to share with her class. Her teacher, Miss Betty, said it was quite soothing for all the kids to go look at them and a great way for her to calm the class down when needed. Of course, London took great pride in showing them off when they first arrived. 

Sadly, that tadpoles that remained in London's water table didn't survive - they just weren't thriving and I think the warmer temps warmed the water up too much for them. At least we saved a few. It was amazing to see the difference between our tadpoles in the tank in the house, that had been there a week or two when we caught some from the table to take to the class - ours were twice as big as what we sent to school.

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