May 28, 2013

The Puppy Reunion

Photo by Kathy Frazer
Photo by Kathy Frazer - All six dogs going for bumpers in the pond
Memorial Day weekend was action packed for us - so much so I forgot it was Cameron's birthday on Sunday until his Grandmother said something. I do plead that I was sleep-deprived for two nights by this point. 

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Kieran, Tucker and Titan getting a pep talk
Saturday was the much-anticipated Puppy Reunion, hosted by Tulley's boyfriend's family up in Reno. We headed up to Incline Village at about 8 PM Friday, after all the major holiday traffic had passed, to stay the night at Cameron's grandparents. While it was nice to not be rushed Saturday morning, we didn't get the rest we had anticipated, given both girls woke up, ready to go, when we arrived around 10:30 PM. Sydney probably fell back to sleep within an hour, but Cameron ended up staying up with London until after 1 AM - when she joined me in the king size bed and Cameron stuck on the couch. Both girls took turns waking me up the rest of the night. This resulted in a slow-moving Saturday morning and we arrived to the puppy reunion about a 1/2 hour late.

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Swimming in the pond
The dogs and owners had a blast, and before we knew it, several hours had passed quickly. The reunion started off in the front yard of Tucker's, where the Frazers' have a small pond, complete with Tule reeds. All owners in attendance were throwing bumpers and the dogs were quickly retrieving them. 

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Dakota navigating the pool
Then we all headed into the backyard where a pool and basket of tennis balls were waiting for the dogs, and a BBQ was waiting for all the owners. We spent the afternoon throwing tennis balls and chatting about dogs and life until paws began to bleed. That's when we had to force the dogs to calm down and lay down or pack them back up in the cars. The dogs paw pads' weren't used to so much running around on pavers and the fun took its toll on all the dogs except Tucker and Titan, Tucker's brother, since they both play like this often, given they live there. 

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Maddy, Tucker, Dakota & Titan
Poor Tulley was still limping Monday, but on the bright side she won't have to get her nails trimmed for a while. And I know she had a ton of fun with Tucker, Titan and the puppies of hers in attendance. There were 3 that were able to make it - Kieran, Dakota and Maddy. 

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Just can't stop
It was so fun  to see these dogs all grown up. Tucker is a larger-sized lab, while Tulley ranks on the smaller end. Most of the puppies took after Tulley in body size and many actually looked a lot like their Uncle Titan, who is also on the smaller size. But all took after Tucker in being non-stop until being forced to stop. Tucker was the last to settle down and take a nap.

Photo by Kathy Frazer - As you can see it was hard keeping London away from the water. Definitely couldn't keep Tulley away!
London and Sydney had a great time as well. There were quite a few kids in attendance to keep London entertained (besides the dogs) and she so wanted to be swimming with all of them. Makes me wish we could get her into swim lessons this summer, but at the same time I know she won't be ready to swim with all those dogs for quite  a few years. 

Photo by Kathy Frazer - Hilarious photo of London. I think I was telling her to put her shoes on, but we have joked it was because she didn't want her picture taken. No pictures please!
Sydney made a new friend in one of Dakota's owners, Gar. He held her most of the day, which was great for Cameron and I - we could focus on London and the dogs more easily that way. The two were so cute together and she took a long nap in his arms as well.

Photo by Kathy Frazer
Photo by Kathy Frazer - Sydney and her best friend Gar
Photo by Kathy Frazer - All tuckered out

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