May 17, 2013

The Froggies are Free!

Last night we took an evening stroll down to the "pond" in our neighborhood with all our froggies and tadpoles in tow. We decided that it was time to set them all free, as upon close inspection all but one tadpole had all their legs, which meant tales were going to disappear in the matter of days. Plus, we wanted London to have an opportunity to be apart of the release. 

Cameron first has to catch all of them from the tank - I think we had a total of 10 when all was said and done. Plus, we had several snails from one that had come home with us from the Pet store on the fresh water plant. 

When we got to the pond, Cameron and London went down to the edge and Cameron instructed London to pour the tadpoles into the water - our one little frog was already in there, as when Cameron opened up the container and set it down the frog immediately hopped out and into the water! He was ready for freedom!

Now to deal with the swampy water left behind in the tank! We couldn't really smell it until we took the cookie sheet off the top of it. But boy does it smell. 

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