May 9, 2013

Sydney Lee: 6-month Stats

It's hard to believe Sydney is already 6-months and yet hard to believe she is only 6-months. It's hard to remember a time when she wasn't part of this family - or at least that seems a lifetime ago. 

Here are her stats, from her appointment that took place on May 2nd, a week after she turned 6-months: 

Height: 27 inches (85th percentile)
Weight: 17.7 lbs (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 1/4 (25th percentile)

Sydney is definitely being her own person in this house. She hasn't quite figured out how to crawl yet - she can either get up on her knees with her face in the floor or high up on her arms. She can roll over from both sides and while she doesn't barrel roll, she does get around a bit. Sydney loves toys and is quite curious about everything. Sometimes she gets going just talking up a storm that is hilarious to listen to. She sounds like a little T-rex.
We haven't really introduced solid foods yet. We tried rice cereal once and Sydney instantly started to gag when it reached the back of her tongue. I then tried sweet potatoes a month later and I got the "sour lemon" face. We'll revisit in another month or so, and if she still resists, we'll just try a little each night to acclimate her to the change in tastes. 
Sydney is still not sleeping  through the night - she only just started to only get up once after we go to bed. She still gets up twice from the time she goes down, which seems to continually be 6:30 PM. The poor girl has had a cough for a good two months now. We are experimenting this week, but putting her on Soy Formula to see if she has an allergy to milk and that is why she has the cough. Otherwise, she has some severe allergies to the elements around us (not that the rest of us aren't suffering these days too - but she shouldn't get them for another year!). If the soy doesn't work out, we'll be looking into a pediatric allergist. Luckily, my dad actually knows of one in the Sac area that he recommends - he used to refer his patients in Chico to him! Wish us luck!

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