May 24, 2013

Sydney: 7 Months Old

Sydney turned 7 months old today. This last month has been an eventful one for her. As you can see from the cute picture above, Sydney is able to sit up without any assistance once she is placed in this position. She does occasionally wobble and fall over, but she has the tuck and roll mastered for when she does go backward. Sydney prefers this position most of the times. Otherwise she wants to be in her exersaucer, near the action. I've found myself carrying the exersaucer, with her in it, around the house with me so she can remain entertained while I try to get some things done. Sydney is quick to cry when she finds herself alone in a room - even if she is in the family room and can see and hear me in the kitchen.

Sydney currently weighs 18.5 lbs and is still hovering around 27 inches long. How do we know this? Because Sydney went to the doctor this week. But not her primary care doc - an allergist! The poor girl has had a cough since February. Her primary care doc kept saying it was her reacting to the elements, a.k.a. she has allergies. After switching her to soy-based formula from cow's milk with no change in the cough, we decided it was time to see an allergist. This darn cough is nagging. It's not there all the time, but it does wake her up and she, of course, then wakes us up. We jump between getting up with her between 1 to 3 times a night. With all that we have going on, including some home improvement projects, long work days and action packed weekends, Cameron and I have turned into walking zombies on occasion. We've also gone through more diet Pepsi than I would like to admit. What can I say, we need the caffeine to function.

Any how, at the allergist, they did perform a scratch test on Sydney's back for some of the most common and basic allergies. That was not fun. For one, we had to hold her up without touching her back. Easier said than done when she started arch her back from the histimine control that I'm sure was itching like crazy. Plus, getting pricked is no fun. At least she won't remember it like I remember mine. 

The good news is, Sydney wasn't allergic to a thing! We were quite fearful she was allergic to the dog or cats. Nope. Not even cow's milk, which means we can take her off the soy and back on to the regular stuff - which we had just bought in bulk when it was suggested we try the switch. 

But that also has us wondering what is causing the cough. For now, we are finally trying a round of antibiotics - 20 days worth! We're crossing our fingers it works, otherwise we may be talking chest X-rays and visits to the hospital for sedation and exploration. It's only been two days into the 20, but things seem to be looking up so far - including a full night's sleep for all of us last night! Sydney wasn't even ready for me to wake her up at 6:30 AM after going to bed at 7 PM last night. Now Cameron and I are wondering if the coughing has effected her so much that it stopped her from growing for a while. Time will tell. 

Not that she isn't growing - just her height seems to stop. Weight wise, she is doing just fine. So well in fact that the onsies she was wearing were getting a little tight. This week I went in search of the next bin of London's old clothes. It was the 9 to 12 month sized clothes. As I was going through it I realized much of the clothing in this bin, London wore when she was near 1-years-old and was walking in them. Here Sydney is at 7 months and not even crawling yet. It actually works out well, because the time of year is right, in that it is short sleeves and shorts. Plus, London hardly wore onsies in this group since she was walking and there are a ton of them, so they will get used more with Sydney. 

And while Sydney is not crawling, she definitely can get around with her rolling and pivoting. She has even gotten herself over to the toy bins and under London's coloring table. I actually had to move the coloring table and all the coloring supplies upstairs along with all of London's small toys to ensure Sydney didn't find any to put in her mouth. Sydney loves toys and likes to sit with a pile around her to play with (as seen above). 

Board books too. Cameron had to drop some diapers off at the day care yesterday. He peaked in and reported that she was enthralled with a book and flipping the pages rapidly. She was even doing this when I picked her up later.

I can only wonder what this month will bring. Hopefully the cough disappears and we can start introducing some solid foods to Sydney. Last time we tried I got sour lemon face for sweet potatoes. We're thinking we will just have to try a little each night to get Sydney used to the taste and texture.

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