May 13, 2013

Our Family Is Expanding...Again!

And no, I am NOT pregnant. Cameron and I are pretty much sure we are done having children. But in a couple of weeks, we will picking out one of these: 

Most likely, this guy: 

These photos were taken within a day or so of the puppies being born. They are now about 4 weeks old. And they are related to our Tulley. One of Tulley's puppies, Kieran, fathered this litter of 9 pups. Cameron, after many years of saying he would only own female dogs, has decided our house needs a little more testosterone in it, given that the only other male besides him is our cat Jake. And Cameron says Jake doesn't count since he's fixed. So as long as the males show some hunting initiative, we'll be bringing home a boy sometime around mid-June. Cameron is particularly interested in the lone yellow male. 

We'll know for sure who will be coming home with us after a visit to make our selection over Memorial Day weekend. Going to be crazy with a new puppy and a 7-month old, who could be crawling by then, but we're excited all the same. 

We miss our Mel Mels all the time, but it has also felt weird only having 1 dog in our house. While we have debated getting a German Shepherd, as we do love the breed, the opportunity to have one of Tulley's grand puppies was just too enticing. Plus, the lab breed is better for small children. Just the other day Sydney managed to grab at Tulley's eye before I could stop her -Tulley just took it like a pro while moving her head out of the way and then rewarded Sydney with a big kiss on the forehead!

I can't wait for all the cute puppy pictures I get to take!

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