May 29, 2013

Ol' Master Gibson & A Memorial Day BBQ

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend had us wake up in Incline Village, travel through Reno out to Fallon, NV and ended with us back home that evening. To say we spend some time in the car is an understatement. When we Mapquest it, we spent around 5 1/4 hours in the car. And London didn't have one accident. She didn't even use the pull-up we had her in! All weekend! We are so proud of her. And I am so relieved that the pull up didn't confuse her. She did such a good job at telling us when she needed to go and then holding it until we could find a spot to stop - sometimes we were in the middle of no where. 

The reason for our trip to Fallon was to go pick out our new puppy, Ol' Master Gibson, as we have already named him. While Cameron is partial to yellow labs, the lone yellow male from this litter did not survive the first 48 hours, unfortunately. The lone, little yellow female was quite tempting as she was adorable. But Cameron stuck to his guns on wanting a male dog for once, and looked over the 4 black males until he selected this guy: 

  So I introduce to you Gibbs. He's pretty cute, but what lab puppy isn't? He passed all of Cameron's tests for being a good choice and after having lunch with the owners of mama Crash, he took a little nap in my arms before we headed home. Gibbs was only going to be 6 weeks on Memorial Day, so we have to wait a few weeks before we can bring him home with us. He'll officially come home sometime Father's Day weekend - only two and a half weeks from now. Can't wait!

Memorial Day was a pretty lazy day for us at home, given how busy the rest of the weekend had been. The girls were definitely done spending time in the car, especially Sydney. All we had scheduled was a BBQ down the street with London's friend Fiona's family. They were hosting a BBQ for neighborhood friends. Turns out they invited 9 families and only us and one other family were able to make it. That family had a little girl who had just turned 3 the week before, named Camilla. All 3 girls got along great - so much so we parents didn't have to keep a very close eye on them and could just socialize ourselves. 

It was the perfect way to end the long weekend. Not to mention how amazing the pulled pork Fiona's father had BBQ'd - for 7 hours that day - was! That's dedication. We all decided that we would do it again for 4th of July and this time we will host at our house. We are hoping our neighbors will be in the same spirit as last year with all the fireworks we combined and displayed.

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